New for this year, our expert directors at Perret Associates Ltd:

Perret Associates Ltd is a London-based consultancy, specialising in the coal, electricity, freight, iron ore and steel international markets and is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Guillaume Perret, the founder and director of Perret Associates Ltd, has been influential in the development of today’s coal trading market, having traded the first API2 swaps with a few other pioneers when developing the risk management desk of RWE Trading back in 2000 in London.

Known across the world for their expertise in the commodity space, Perret Associates regularly produce in-depth reports including:

  • The International Coal Trading Market 2013-15: An in-depth analysis of the physical and financial coal markets and how they could evolve
  • Trading Iron Ore: An in-depth and independent analysis of the iron ore trading market and how it could evolve (2012, published by Metal Bulletin)
  • The International Coal Trading Market 2010-11.
  • Trading Iron Ore: A full feasibility study for a new derivatives contract (2008, published by Metal Bulletin)
  • Steel futures: A turning point for the industry? (2008, published by Metal Bulletin).
  • The International Coal Trading Market 2007
  • The International Dry Freight Market 2005