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Create lasting business relationships in the MENA coal market.


Coaltrans MENA is returning to Cairo in March 2020, following a successful 2019 event, which brought together international coal producers and traders with local procurement executives. This year's edition of the conference represents an excellent opportunity to meet coal buyers from Egyptian cement companies – as well as the buyers representing the regional anode, aluminium steel producers and the Turkish coal power stations – industries that have grown in the last 12 months. 


NEW SESSIONSpetcoke, anode manufacturing and aluminium production.

NEW SESSIONS - met coke and MENA steelmaking trends.



  • Learn the regional coal trading dynamics from major consumers from the key regional economies: Gulf Countries, Egypt and Turkey.
  • Understand the challenges to the Egyptian cement sector and its repercussions to coal consumption.
  • Strengthen relationship with pet coke importers, anode manufacturers and aluminium producers.
  • Explore the MENA steelmaking trends and met coke trading opportunities in the region.
  • Discover more about sourcing strategies of Turkish major coal power generation companies.


Registration is now open. To support the growing industry in the Northern Africa and Eastern Mediterranean countries, we've introduced discounted rates for our attendees from the following countries: Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. Please note - for multinational companies with local offices, international rates will apply.

If you have any questions regarding the discounted rates, or require information on sponsoring or attending the 2020 edition, please contact us now on enquiry@coaltrans.com.


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