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Join us for our complimentary webinar series!

The Coaltrans Connect webinar series was created in April 2020 as the world adapted to the COVID-19 crisis. This free webinar series has been a place for the Coaltrans community to gather and discuss key changes in the market. We’ve been receiving an average of 500 registrations per webinar, 250+ live attendees and 800+ of all viewers who watched the webinars on demand. We’ve covered regions such as China, India and Indonesia and topics such as the steel raw materials markets and the impact of COVID-19 on the coal market. Thank you to everyone who has listened and given us such positive testimonials! 

If you have missed our previous webinars, you can access the recordings here:

SESSION 1: "Macro overview of global coal market during COVID-19" - access the recording here

SESSION 2: "China: recovery and re-emergence of the coal giant" - access the recording here.

SESSION 3: "India in lockdown: impact on domestic coal market" - access the recording here

SESSION 4: "Navigating a rapidly changing European coal market" - access the recording here.

SESSION 5: "Indonesia: preparing for a post-COVID-19 recovering coal market" - access the recording here.

SESSION 6: "Macro view of the global steel, met coal and iron ore markets" - access the recording here.

SESSION 7: "Thermal coal markets: supply, demand and prices at a glance" - access the recording here.

SESSION 8: "Coal Trade Analysis and Freight Outlook" - access the recording here.

Take a look at what our webinar attendees have to say about Coaltrans Connect: