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Attend Coaltrans China 2021 either in person or virtually!

Size of the Chinese coal market

  • Coal is the most widely used fossil fuel in China, amounting to 57.7% of China’s energy use
  • In 2019, China has added 40GW of new coal-fired power generation capacity
  • In the first 6 months of 2020 alone, China has approved construction of more power stations than in all of 2018 and 2019 combined
  • China has imported 300m tons of coal in 2019, a 7% increase on 2018. In the first 7 months of 2020, imports are 1% above 2019
  • China is also the world leading producer of steel and cement, two other major coal-consuming industries

The 13th Five-Year-Plan 2015-2020 (FYP) capped at 1,100GW the annual coal power production – it is therefore crucial to attend to the presentation of NDRC’s Xiao Xinjian for an early analysis of the 14th FYP, as well as relevant analyses of speakers from the Chinese National Coal Association, China Electricity Council, China Coal Transportation and Distribution Association, etc.

Topics of discussion:

  • An early analysis of the 14th Five-Year-Plan and its impact on the Chinese coal industry
  • Medium-term outlook for the Chinese energy market
  • International and seaborne price trends forecast and outlook
  • Analysis and considerations for the domestic coal production and logistics
  • Overview and market dynamics for international coal suppliers
  • Outlook for the Chinese steel industry and its impact on the metcoke sector
  • Analysis of the Chinese petcoke market and considerations on its end-user industries

Reasons to attend:

  • Meet with more than 200 Chinese executives from the coal industry
  • Participate to more than 12 hours of cutting edge presentations delivered by 20+ senior public and private sector representatives
  • Raise your profile in the industry by engaging via PC, tablet or mobile with existing and new business contacts
  • Benefit from interactive discussions and Intuitive matchmaking functionality available in our best in class virtual conference platform to ensure you connect with the right delegates
  • Gain in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the Chinese power generation, steel production and cement manufacturing

Companies already confirmed - who will you meet

Confirmed Speakers

We are still building our speaker panel for this event. Contact us now on enquiry@coaltrans.com if you would like to know more about speaking or to see last year's speakers.


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