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The international meeting platform for ash and solid fuel byproducts

Fly Ash, Bottom Ash and Gypsum from coal/Biomass combustion or incineration plants are commercially traded commodities.

With the transition in Europe towards more renewable energy supply, there has never been a more important time for traders, suppliers, users, shippers, brokers and haulers to come together to discuss ideas and make new deals.

That’s where Ashtrans steps in.

Returning for its fourth year, this event provides a platform to exchange views and to meet with potential commercial partners, enabling you to discuss deals with people from all areas of the industry, evaluate new possibilities and get the latest market updates. All in one place.

The event is of commercial interest for producers and users of all byproducts from the energy industry, in addition to traders of these products and those who engage in any kind of transportation and logistics solutions.


At Ashtrans Europe you can learn about:

• New Products
• New Markets
• New forecasts
• New logistic solution
• New producers
• New users
• New brokers

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