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As the US coal market reaches a turning point, it's time to adapt

We welcomed 260 delegates from 164 companies to Miami to build relationships with international delegates and key industry experts.

The event was a huge success and brought together the entire coal supply chain and provided a meeting place for discussion, business and strategy. 


Keynote speakers included:

• Bob Murray, CEO, Murray Energy
• Chuck Arnold, Vice President-Business & Strategic Development, Ingram Barge Company
• Randall Atkins, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ramaco, LLC
• George Dethlefsen, Chief Executive Officer, Corsa Coal
• Jesse Parrish, CFO, Blackhawk Mining LLC
• Betsy Monseu, CEO, American Coal Council


Main topics included:

• What opportunities are available for US miners to raise capital?

• How are utilities’ approaches to coal-fired power generation adapting? 

• How can US miners take advantage of higher metcoal prices? 

• How has the coal industry developed in 2017 in the context of a new political administration?



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