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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

8:00AM Registration
9:15AM Welcome remarks
Dawid Salamadry, Commercial Director, Hanseatic Coal & Coke Trading Polska
9:30AM Regulatory climate: Striking a balance between Polish energy needs and EU commitments
  • The implications of PEP2040 for the Polish coal market
  • Projects development in alterative energy sources in Poland till 2040
  • Strategy of the Polish Government for coal mining till 2030
Janusz Olszowski, President, Polish Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce
10:00AM Thermal coal price analysis: key price drivers
  • Managing the undersupply, and identifying key supply regions
    • understanding future volumes from the main import countries
  • Analysing coal supply and demand across Poland and the wider European region to 2020
  • Key trends dominating global price movements and its impact on the Polish market
Guillaume Perret, Director, Perret Associates Ltd
10:30AM Networking coffee break
11:10AM US steam coal supply into Poland
  • US steam coal qualities: Focus on the Pitt 8 seam coal
  • Blending possibilities with local coals, understanding the potential benefits of blending
  • Technical considerations for using blended coals
Rich Scharf, Technical Marketing, Xcoal Energy & Resources
11:30AM International showcase panel: perspectives from key producers
  • Anticipated volume output from Russia, USA, Colombia
  • What is the import market landscape likely to look like over the next 2 years?
  • Qualities available on the international market and their suitability for Polish plants
  • New projects in development – what is on the horizon for new projects in the major producing regions?
  • Is Colombian coal still a viable option for European consumers?
William McFadden, Executive Vice President, Robindale Energy
Livio Spiegel, Senior Manager Trading, HMS Bergbau AG
Jack Porco, President & Chief Commercial Officer, Xcoal Energy & Resources
12:20PM Networking lunch
1:40PM Assessing buyers needs across Poland and surrounding countries
  • Clarifying Polish power plants current and projected requirements
  • How much demand is there for Polish coal across the region?
  • Beyond Poland: what are the current requirements for Czech, German and Austrian power plants and how are these being met?
Bruno Luycx, Trader - Coal & Freight Desk, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
Dawid Salamadry, Commercial Director, Hanseatic Coal & Coke Trading Polska
Frank Brannvoll, Managing Director, Brannvoll ApS
Szymon Stawiarz, Senior Trader, Thermal Coal Expert
2:40PM Regulatory overview of the Polish coal sector
  • Understanding the current policy appetite within Poland
  • How regulation is shaping coal trading and imports
  • Utilising the benefits of the Three Seas Initiative within your coal supply strategy
  • Assisting coal producers with establishing operations
  • Exceeding regulatory and safety requirements within mining operations
Wojciech Giemza, Associate, Wozniak Legal
3:10PM Networking coffee break
3:40PM Concession for exploration, recognition and extraction of mineral raw materials in Poland
  • Concession types and their scope
  • Requirements to acquire the concession
  • Concession procedure and common issues creating delays in the procedure
  • Decision closing the concession procedure and how it can be challenged
  • Mining usufruct contract
  • Royalties payable to the State
Sabina Kubsik, Partner, DRZEWIECKI TOMASZEK
4:20PM Focus on Russia: Seaborne vs rail imports
  • Polish market fundamentals
  • Benchmarks underpinning Polish imports
  • Understanding the optimum conditions to import via Belarus
  • Exploring future Gdansk import volumes
  • How green power imports from Scandinavia and Germany will impact the energy mix
    • Will the swing continue?
Dan Hayes, Global Coal Editor, Argus Media
5:00PM Networking drinks reception

Day 2: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

9:15AM Opening remarks
9:30AM Status for the overall energy complex: Technical analysis and forecasts for coal
  • Analysing global macroeconomic drivers and their regional price impacts
  • What is the real impact of other energy sources on coal price in the Middle East? 
  • Reference forecasts for petcoke
Frank Brannvoll, Managing Director, Brannvoll ApS
10:10AM European thermal coal outlook
  • Charting the consumption of coal across Europe
  • Exploring the future scale of coal imports
  • Benchmarking coal imports
  • The future role of Russian coal in Poland's energy mix
Maria Krasnikova, Executive Director, Sberbank
10:40AM Networking coffee break
11:15AM Global and European gas markets: The impact on Poland
  • Global LNG market: Supply and demand developments
  • Global LNG prices and impact on European supply
  • European internal gas market developments
  • Impact on Polish gas market and future developments
Tom Marzec-Manser, Market Analyst, LNG Edge, ICIS
11:50AM Biomass within Poland's energy mix
  • Gauging current adoption of biomass within Poland
  • Expected future adoption by power producers as a green energy
  • Understanding the current quality and power generation of biomass
  • Recent innovation wihtin the field of biomass and energy
Ilona Olsztynska, Product Development Manager, SGS Group
12:30PM Networking lunch and close of conference