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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

9:00AM Welcome remarks
Dawid Salamadry, Commercial Director, Hanseatic Coal & Coke Trading Polska
9:10AM Regulatory analysis: Striking a balance between Polish energy needs and EU commitments
  • The implications  of PEP2040 for the Polish coal market
  • Projects development in alterative energy sources  in Poland till 2040
  • Strategy of the Polish Government  for coal mining till 2030
Janusz Olszowski, President, Polish Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce
9:40AM The current status of the Polish mining industry: Impacts of restructuring and private investments
  • How much is being produced domestically in the short term and how are inefficiencies being managed?
  • What is required in terms of private investment in this sector?
  • Impacts of recent restructurings on the Polish energy market
  • What is the Polish export market likely to look like in the near future?
10:10AM Thermal coal price analysis: key price drivers
  • Managing the undersupply, and identifying key supply regions
    • understanding future volumes from the main import countries
  • Analysing coal supply and demand across Poland and the wider European region to 2020
  • Key trends dominating global price movements and its impact on the Polish market
Guillaume Perret, Director, PERRET ASSOCIATES LTD
10:40AM Networking coffee break
11:20AM Power panel: Assessing buyers needs across Poland and surrounding countries
  • Clarifying Polish power plants current and projected requirements
  • How much demand is there for Polish coal across the region?
  • Beyond Poland: what are the current requirements for Czech, German and Austrian power plants and how are these being met?
Yahdian Falah, Senior Manager Coal Analysis, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
12:00PM International showcase panel: perspectives from key producers
  • Anticipated volume output from Russia, USA, Colombia
  • What is the import market landscape likely to look like over the next 2 years?
  • Qualities available on the international market and their suitability for Polish plants
  • New projects in development – what is on the horizon for new projects in the major producing regions?
Bill Mcfadden, Head of Sales, Robindale Energy
1:00PM Networking lunch
2:20PM A focus on the Polish met coal market – price analysis and anticipated demand
  • Polish metcoal demand - what are the requirements?
  • Coke price trends and its impact on the market
  • Pricing indexation challenges for met coal
Alistair Ramsay, Head of Research, Fastmarkets MB Research
3:00PM A production outlook for the Eastern European steel market
  • Conditions currently shaping the market and what to watch out for over the next 12 months
  • Demand from local consumers:
    • how demand from key global regions will impact supply
    • potential interruptions in domestic supply
  • At what rate is the region currently producing steel and what will be the impact on coking coal demand?
  • European CO2 allowances for the industry post 2020 – is the steel industry prepared?
3:40PM Networking coffee break
4:10PM Overcoming regional logistical challenges
  • Railway bottlenecks at the Russian border – what is being done to ease this?
  • Managing the shift from net exporter to net importer – challenges in storage capacity
  • New port and infrastructure projects within Eastern Europe and how they will improve access to consumers
4:40PM An analysis of current and projected freight rates and their impact on trade margins
  • Key changes in regional shipping dynamics over the last 12 months
  • An update on freight rates and availability – how is this impacting coal price?
  • An analysis of supply and demand dynamics

Day 2: Wednesday, June 5, 2019

9:30AM Opening remarks
9:40AM Status for the overall energy complex: Technical analysis and forecasts for coal
  • Analysing global macroeconomic drivers and their regional price impacts
  • What is the real impact of other energy sources on coal price in the Middle East? 
  • Reference forecasts for petcoke
Frank Brannvoll, Managing Director, Brannvoll ApS
10:00AM The importance of a responsible supply chain in a decarbonising Europe
  • What does a responsible supply chain look like?
    • What support is available to power companies to ensure this?
  • What can the Polish mining industry do to guarantee responsible supply chain practices, improve its image and ensure compliance with European regulatory standards?
  • The role of new technologies within the context of responsible mining.
Anne-Claire Howard, Executive Director, Bettercoal
10:50AM Networking coffee break
11:20AM Understanding how future gasification plans will shape coal demand
  • How can coal gasification technology be implemented cost-effectively?
  • What is the status of current projects and will we see more of these in future?
  • To what extent could coal gasification projects help to reduce oversupply in Poland?
11:40AM Risk management strategies in procurement
  • Main challenges during the tender process and how these can be managed
  • Best practice in contracting with Poland
  • How far has Poland opened up to the international market?
12:00PM Understanding the opportunities for international investors in Polish mining
  • What is in the pipeline for Poland’s mines when it comes to new private investments?
  • What are some of the challenges faced by international investors in Poland
  •  How can the main challenges be overcome?
1:00PM Networking lunch and close of conference