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Agenda Overview

Pre-conference day: Monday, November 5, 2018

9:00AM Field trip to EVN's Hai Phong Power Plant and Hai Phong Port

•    6.15am – Meet at hotel 
•    9.30am – EVN's Hai Phong Power station
•    11.20pm – Hai Phong port 
•    12.30pm – Networking lunch 
•    17.00pm – Return to hotel

To find out how you can book your place on the field trip, please contact us at

NB – There is a $150 fee for this field trip.The field trip is subject to a minimum and maximum number of participants. Delegates will be able to join on a first-come, first-served basis. It is the sole responsibility of delegates to ensure that they are properly insured which should include adequate Personal Accident and Travel insurance. As a matter of good order, delegates should also ensure that they have liability insurance cover.

6:00PM Networking Welcome Party

Welhunt and their partner Haivanship would like to invite you to a welcome cocktail party at the Sheraton Hotel with drinks and canapés.

Day 1: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

9:00AM Coaltrans opening remarks

SESSION 1 - Growth in the Vietnamese coal market

9:10AM EVN overview of coal fired energy in Vietnam

•    Details about plans for new power plants
•    Planned supply of coal for those power plants
•    Updates and completion dates for ongoing projects
•    Upgrades to current mines to adapt them to changing calorific values of coal 
•    Impact of any government plans on coal fired energy plants

Ngo Son Hai, Vice President, EVN
9:40AM Understanding the Indonesian coal market and what to expect next

•    Assessing the future ratio of Indonesian coal kept for domestic use against coal for export
•    Challenging policy uncertainties in the minerals industry
•    Price forecasting for Indonesian coal  
•    Changes in the calorific value, sulphur and ash content of the coal
•    New mine projects and timelines for completion 
•    Current mine capacity and future output
•    Demand for met coal regionally 

Gerry Feerick, Director, Energy Complex, Noble Resources International Pte Ltd
10:10AM Networking refreshment break

SESSION 2 – Supply to the Emerging Asian Coal Markets

10:40AM Global Coal outlook

•    Understanding key drivers for change in the global coal market over the last year 
•    What impact have changes in the global market had in the emerging coal markets 
•    Future trends for demand in the region and likely supply routes

11:10AM Producers perspective

•    Forecast of the likely production rates of Indonesian coal mines
•    Projecting the likely exports amounts of coal from Indonesia
•    Looking into the types and quality of coal left in Indonesia
•    How are regulation changes effecting the Indonesian coal sector?

Moderator: Alastair Grant, Minerals Consultant, Independent Consultant
Cameron Tough, Head Of International Marketing, PT Adaro Indonesia
Michael Mewing, General Manager Business Development, Lighthouse Resources Inc
Paddy Byrne, Ceo, TransCoal Pty Ltd
12:00PM Networking lunch
1:00PM Indonesia a Shrinking Resource of Hi CV coal?

•         Coal quality characteristics of high CV coal production from Indonesia
•         Current production trends of high and low CV coals in Indonesia 
•         Exploring the drop off in high CV coal reserves
•         Can the production of high CV coal increase as a % of the total production?
•         Alternative sources of new high CV coal resources
•         Adaptation of new mining technologies to unlock future high CV coal production

Peter Gunn, Managing Director, Coal Marketing International Pty Ltd
Tobias Maya, President Director, PT Geosearch
1:30PM Overcoming logistics challenges in the emerging coal import markets

•    Common shipping & logistics challenges in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar
•    Impact on coal market of improved northern port and $1bn planned Southern port in Vietnam
•    Using FTP sites to alleviate a lack of deep water ports
•    Best solutions for when there is no deepwater port or FTP (Floating Transfer Platform)

Michele Gatto, Sales Area Manager, Bedeschi SpA
2:00PM Deep dive into freight price fluctuations and forecasts

•    Recap of last year’s freight price changes 
•    Causes for fluctuations
•    Likely challenges over the coming year
•    Impact on freight price forecast

Kian Loong Chok, Director Of Global Research, Oldendorff Carriers (Singapore) Pte Ltd
2:30PM Networking refreshment break
3:00PM The power of blending coal

•    Overview of process of blending coal 
•    Long term cost savings to blending coal 
•    Blending to give flexibility in coal purchasing 
•    Complementary coal types to blend for different specifications 
•    Range of blending facilities such as ports and terminals 

Sreejith Chalakkal, Marketing Manager, PT Bayan Resources Tbk
David Barnes, Chief Representative, Alfred H Knight (AHK)

SESSION 4 – Protecting your coal supply chain

3:30PM A macro view of the ASEAN coal sector and the influence of China

•    Reflections on last years Chinese coal imports and exports
•    Evolution of government policy and regulation and how that impacted the coal market
•    Coal price fluctuations at a glance and what the biggest causes for change were  
•    How is “green pressure” impacting the thermal energy sector and is it lowering demand for thermal coal?
•    The steel giant: a macro view of China’s steel market and how it has impacted met coal prices

4:00PM Coal price forecast

•    Reviewing the causes for price fluctuations over last 12 months  
•    Comparing the interfuel competition within the South East Asian energy market 
•    Looking at key areas for growth in the emerging Asian coal markets
•    Supply outlook and coal price forecast 

Shirley Zhang, Principal Analyst, Asia Coal Markets, Wood Mackenzie
4:30PM Evening Network Event

Evening Network Event 

You’re invited to come and enjoy an evening of networking with fellow coal industry experts with free drinks and snacks.

Date: Day 1 – Tuesday 6th November
Meeting place: In the conference room after the end of the day of seminars
Time: TBC
Location: TBC

Day 2: Wednesday, November 7, 2018

9:00AM Coaltrans Opening Remarks

SESSION 5 – ASEAN key emerging coal importers

9:10AM Spotlight on Malaysia

•    Coal market overview in Malaysia and projections of future demand 
•    Plans for new power plants and likely completion dates
•    Types of coal that the plants are design to take 
•    Exploring supply contracts for the coming year 
•    Challenges and opportunities within the market

Noor Asihin Surani, Chief Operating Officer, TNB Fuel Services Sdn Bhd BHD
9:40AM Uncovering opportunities in the Thai thermal energy market

•    Exploring how government regulations have supported the coal market
•    What are the current and future energy mix in Thailand how will that impact the demand for thermal coal 
•    Looking at how environmental issues constrain the use of coal in Thailand
•    Insights into planned EGAT power plants: where, when and how much coal will they consume? 
•    An overview of existing EGAT thermal power plants and their current and projected consumption rates
•    Are domestic coal production levels in Thailand meeting the local demand and will that change over time?
•    Understanding the efficiencies in the Thai coal supply chain and uncovering where the opportunities are 

Paramaet Payattapin, Manager, EGAT
10:10AM The Future of the international coal market in the Philippines

•    Analysis of fluctuations in the coal market and prices over the last year
•    Effects of population and economic growth on the coal market
•    Development of infrastructure for the industry
•    Challenges of electrification of the islands in the Philippines 
•    Impact of the proposed changes to the political structure

Moderator: Myrna Velasco, Book Author And Energy Journalist, Independent
Frank Thiel, Managing Director, Quezon Power Philippines Ltd
John Quirke, Senior Vice President - Technology & Development, Meralco
Felix William B Fuentebella, Undersecretary, Department for Energy of the Philippines
10:50AM Networking refreshment break

SESSION 6 – Impact of ASEAN cement and steel industries on coal market

11:20AM A close up of the Chinese met steel market and how that has influenced the global market

•    How has a strong global steel market impacted developing SE Asian countries? 
•    Is the Chinese steel market finally slowing down? 
•    Met coal: supply and demand and price forecast 
•    Global steel and raw materials forecast: Where are the future opportunities?

Keith Whitchurch, President Director, SMG Consultants
11:40AM Rising steel demand in the emerging coal markets

•    Likely growth projections of steel market in SE Asia 
•    Financial comparisons between imported Chinese steel and regional made steel
•    Existing steel mills in the region, output of steel and demand for coal 
•    Planned steel mills and dates for completion 
•    Regional challenges

12:00PM Coaltrans Closing Remarks