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Agenda Overview

Pre-conference day: Monday, November 5, 2018

9:00AM Field trip to EVN's Hai Phong Power Plant 

Itinerary and more details to follow 

Day 1: Tuesday, November 6, 2018

9:15AM Coaltrans opening remarks

SESSION 1 - Growth in the Vietnamese coal market

9:30AM EVN overview of coal fired energy in Vietnam

•    Details about plans for new power plants
•    Planned supply of coal for those power plants
•    Updates and completion dates for ongoing projects
•    Upgrades to current mines to adapt them to changing calorific values of coal 
•    Impact of any government plans on coal fired energy plants

Ngo Son Hai, Vice President, EVN
10:00AM Domestic coal in Vietnam

•    Plans for new mines and completion dates
•    Estimated quantity of coal left to extract in current mines
•    Recent and future annual extraction rates 
•    Challenges with chemical testing and analysis 
•    Is there a need for washeries to blend coal in Vietnam? 
•    Differences between domestic anthracite coal against international lignite coal 
•    Changes in calorific value of domestic anthracite coal and impact on thermal energy plants 

10:30AM Networking refreshment break
11:00AM Understanding the Indonesian coal market and what to expect next

•    Assessing the future ratio of Indonesian coal kept for domestic use against coal for export
•    Challenging policy uncertainties in the minerals industry
•    Price forecasting for Indonesian coal  
•    Changes in the calorific value, sulphur and ash content of the coal
•    New mine projects and timelines for completion 
•    Current mine capacity and future output
•    Demand for met coal regionally 

Gerry Feerick, Director, Energy Complex, Noble Resources International Pte Ltd
11:20AM Indonesia a Shrinking Resource of Hi CV coal?

•         Coal quality characteristics of high CV coal production from Indonesia
•         Current production trends of high and low CV coals in Indonesia 
•         Exploring the drop off in high CV coal reserves
•         Can the production of high CV coal increase as a % of the total production?
•         Alternative sources of new high CV coal resources
•         Adaptation of new mining technologies to unlock future high CV coal production

Peter Gunn, Managing Director, Coal Marketing International Pty Ltd
Tobias Maya, President Director, PT Geosearch
11:40AM The power of blending coal

•    Overview of blending coal and washeries
•    Long term cost savings to building a washery to blend coal
•    Blending to give flexibility in coal purchasing 
•    Complementary coal types to blend for different specifications 

Sreejith Chalakkal, Marketing Manager, PT Bayan Resources Tbk
David Barnes, Chief Representative, Alfred H Knight (AHK)
12:00PM Networking lunch
1:00PM Overcoming logistics challenges in the emerging coal import markets

•    Common shipping & logistics challenges in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar
•    Impact on coal market of improved northern port and $1bn planned Southern port in Vietnam
•    Using FTP sites to alleviate a lack of deep water ports
•    Best solutions for when there is no deepwater port or FTP site

Michele Gatto, Sales Area Manager, Bedeschi SpA

SESSION 3 – Shipping & logistics

2:00PM Insights into the port operations in South East Asia

•    A look into the main import areas close to thermal power plants
•    Mapping out the deepest ports and what size ships they can take
•    A review of plans for new ports and port developments and what impact that will have on freight prices 
•    As demand for imported coal increases in Vietnam, what challenges will arise with the current ports?
•    Within neighbouring countries what are the similarities and differences with shipping and port challenges

Christopher Mclean, Director, Chief Operating Officer, N&M Commodities
1:30PM Deep dive into freight price fluctuations and forecasts

•    Recap of last year’s freight price changes 
•    Causes for fluctuations
•    Likely challenges over the coming year
•    Impact on freight price forecast

2:30PM Networking refreshment break

SESSION 4 – Protecting your coal supply chain

3:00PM Price forecast

•    Reviewing the causes for price fluctuations over last 12 months
•    Exploring likely disruptions over the coming months
•    Key areas for growth in the emerging Asian coal market

3:30PM Using chemical inspection & analysis to ensure coal quality control

•    An overview of inspection & chemical analysis
•    Types of measurements and related accuracy
•    Ensuring that the specifications stated are reliable
•    Implications of receiving coal that doesn’t match your facilities
•    What to do if the coal doesn’t match the specifications agreed
•    Your rights in returning coal that doesn’t meet the contracted specifications

4:00PM A macro view of the ASEAN coal sector and the influence that China still has

•         Evolution of government policy and regulation and how that impacted the coal market
•         Coal price fluctuations at a glance and what the biggest causes for change were  
•         How is “green pressure” impacting the thermal energy sector and is it lowering demand for thermal coal?
•         An overview of Chinese domestic usage and coal exports
•         The steel giant: a macro view of China’s steel market and how it has impacted met coal prices

4:30PM Evening Networking Reception

Day 2: Wednesday, November 7, 2018

9:00AM Coaltrans Opening Remarks

SESSION 5 – ASEAN key emerging coal importers

9:10AM Spotlight on Malaysia

•    Coal market overview in Malaysia and projections for future
•    Plans for new power plants and likely completion dates
•    Types of coal that the plants are design to take and supply contracts
•    Challenges and opportunities within the market

Noor Asihin Surani, Chief Operating Officer, TNB Fuel Services Sdn Bhd BHD
9:40AM Uncovering opportunities in the Thai thermal energy market

•    Exploring how government regulations have supported the coal market
•    What are the current and future energy mix in Thailand how will that impact the demand for thermal coal 
•    Insights into planned EGAT power plants: where, when and how much coal will they consume? 
•    An overview of existing EGAT thermal power plants and their current and projected consumption rates
•    Are domestic coal production levels in Thailand meeting the local demand and will that change over time?
•    Understanding the efficiencies in the Thai coal supply chain and uncovering where the opportunities are 

Paramaet Payattapin, Manager, EGAT
10:10AM The Future of the international coal market in the Philippines

•    Analysis of fluctuations in coal market and prices over last year
•    Effects of population growth and development of infrastructure and construction on coal market
•    Challenges of electrification to the islands in the Philippines 
•    Impact of the political and regulatory situation in Philippines

Frank Thiel, Managing Director, Quezon Power Philippines Ltd
John Quirke, Senior Vice President - Technology & Development, Meralco
Myrna Velasco, Book Author And Energy Journalist, Independent
Felix William B Fuentebella, Undersecretary, Department for Energy of the Philippines
10:50AM Networking refreshment break

SESSION 6 – Impact of ASEAN cement and steel industries on coal market

11:20AM A close up of the Chinese met steel market and how that has influenced the global market

•    A recap on Chinese environmental reforms and what impact they have had on the domestic steel sector 
•    What effect have the changes in Chinese steel sector had on global steel and met coal prices
•    How has a strong global steel market impacted developing SE Asian countries? 
•    Global steel and raw materials forecast: Where are the future opportunities?

Deepali Sharma, Steel Raw Materials Editor, Metal Bulletin Singapore
11:40AM Rising steel demand in the emerging coal markets

•    Likely growth projections of steel market in SE Asia 
•    Financial comparisons between imported Chinese steel and regional made steel
•    Existing steel mills in the region, output of steel and demand for coal 
•    Planned steel mills and dates for completion 
•    Regional challenges

12:00PM Coaltrans Closing Remarks