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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Monday, April 10, 2017

9:00AM Day 1

Day One – Monday 10th April 2017

Opening Session

Chair: Romeo Wang, CEO of Euromoney Institutional Investor-China


0855-0905 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Romeo Wang, CEO of Euromoney Institutional Investor-China

Hu Yuhong, Deputy Director General, National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety, SAWS, China


0905-0925  KEYNOTE PRESENTATION -Shenhua Group


Ling Wen, General Manager of Shenhua Group, President of China Shenhua Energy Company Limited


0925-0955 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – The new China imports market - the evolution of coal trading in China


Rodrigo Echeverri, Head of Energy Coal Analysis, Noble Resources International


0955-1025   KEYNOTE PRESENTATION-Development path of coal industry under “Energy Revolution”


Qian Pingfan, Professor, Industrial Economics Research Department, Development Research Center of the State Council


1025-1050 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION– Development Outlook on Coal Industry in China


Yang Yufeng, Research Professor, Energy Research Institute of the National Development and Reform Commission, P. R. China


1050-1120 Networking refreshment break


Session 1

Chair: Holly Watson-Steward, Head of Sales, Coaltrans Conferences


1120-1140 PRESENTATION - Tracking China’s move towards an environmentally friendly future

  • Introduction of extensive range of environmental standards to encourage development of more efficient coal fired power plants
  • Growing emphasis on developing clean energy power projects – Which technologies will offer the most sustainable alternatives to coal?
  • Future targets expected to be introduced to control pollution


Liu Zhe, Deputy Research Fellow, Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy, Ministry of Environmental Protection, P. R. China


1140-1200  PRESENTATION - China’s energy mix and domestic coal supply – Where are shortages occurring?

  • A look at coal supply trade regionally – Volumes and qualities
  • Hydroelectric power generation – How much is available?
  • How quickly are renewable energy projects being implemented? Costs and incentives available


Han Xiaoping, Chief Information Officer, China Energy Net


1200-1220 PRESENTATION – China: getting reacquainted with the global market

  • What are the latest developments in the seaborne coal import market?
  • Where is the open supply?
  • Which arbitrage routes are likely to stay open the longest?


William Wang, Senior China Analyst, Argus Media


1220-1400 Networking Lunch


Session 2


Chair: George Edwards, Director, Coal Venture Limited (Australia)


1400-1430   PANEL DISCUSSION – Supply side availability for China’s thermal coal demand

  • Which suppliers are winning in market share for Chinese thermal coal imports?
  • Comparing reliability of supply and voyage times
  • To what extent and how quickly is Indonesia’s coal being directed towards the domestic market?
  • The move towards low CV coals in Asia’s seaborne coal trade
  • Will overcapacity cuts place pressure on China’s coal import taxes to be removed?


George Edwards, Director, Coal Venture Limited (Australia)

Cameron Tough, Head of International Marketing, Adaro (Indonesia)

C.S Hsia, Associate, Dragon Energy (Taiwan)


1430-1450 CASE-STUDY - Analysis of coke purchasing strategy and its driving factors

  • Bull market and bear market driven factors
  • Coke purchase policies in steel mills
  • Prospect of steel mill’s coke purchase policies in 2020
  • How to establish sound connections between upsteam and downstream users using the profit model


Moses Mu, Coal Tar Division Director, Jiangsu Yonggang Group, Shanghai Xinzhi Commodities Co., Ltd.


Chair: Michael Tang, Vice President, JYD Information

1450-1520 PANEL DISCUSSION - China’s coal imports – Are supply disruptions a short-term circumstance?

  • Domestic benchmark prices vs import prices
  • Competitive position of Russian, Australian and Indonesian coals
  • Where are prices headed in 2017?


Michael Tang, Vice President, JYD Information

Huang Tao, General Manager, EXEN Resources

Hu Bo, Deputy General Manager, Beijing Datang Fuels Company, Datang International Hong Kong


1520-1540 PRESENTATION - Status Quo and Development Trend of Third-Party Coal Inspection in China


Li Xiangli, Chairman of China Leon and Executive Director of Beijing Huaxia Lihong Commodity Inspection Co Ltd


1540-1600 Networking refreshment break


Session 3


Chair: Wang Yingsheng, Vice Secretary General, China Iron and Steel Industry Association


16:00-16:30 PANEL DISCUSSSION – What will be the major challenges facing Chinese coal buyers in 2017?

  • Quality preferences of Chinese coal buyers
  • Role of traders in meeting coal buyer requirements
  • Significance of imported coals in diversifying risk and offering more blending options
  • Are hedging and risk management strategies being used to their full potential?


Wang Yingsheng, Vice Secretary General, China Iron and Steel Industry Association

Zeng Demao, Director of Materials for Coal-fired Power Generation, State Power Investment Corporation

Lu Yang, General Manager, International Trading Company of Zenith Steel Group Co., Ltd


1630-1650 PRESENTATION - How are Chinese coal testing standards being implemented?

  • What is the difference between GB/ISO/ASTM for steam coal?
  • How do GB and ISO differ in relation to trace elements?
  • What do testing standards mean for different suppliers?

Aaron Liu, Import Coal Business Manager, SGS China Mineral Services


1650-1710 – PRESENTATION – The significant role of third-party inspection organizations in coal trading

Yang Yi, General Manager, China Certification and Inspection Corporation Shanghai Co., Ltd


17:20 Evening Networking Reception

Day 2: Tuesday, April 11, 2017

9:00AM Day 2

Day Two – Tuesday 11th April 2017

Session 4


Chair: Mi Jianying, Director, National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety, SAWS, P. R. China  


0930-0935 Chair’s Opening Remarks


0935-0955   PRESENTATION - Russian coking coal – How to optimize the cost and quality of coke blends of the Asian steel companies?

  • Ways and means of evaluating the quality of Russian coking coals vs Australian coking coals
  • Existing pricing mechanism for the Russian coking coals
  • New approaches in classification and pricing


Lilia Wernli, Chief Commercial Director, KSL


0955-1015 PRESENTATION – Development trend of China’s steel industry

  • Analysing drivers that could create a greater demand in the steel industry from 2017
  • How competitive are Chinese mills in international supply of steel?
  • Outlook for steel production on China’s domestic market


Dou Liwei, Vice Secretary General, China Iron and Steel Industry Association


1015-1035 PRESENTATION – A different perspective on China’s supply side reform of steel industry

  • How much metcoal is being sold on a spot vs long term basis?
  • Will the recent price rally encourage closed pits to restart operations?
  • Correlation of coal price and price of the finished product – how does it shape steel mill operations


He Taiping, PhD, Economic Management and Planning Institute of Baowu Steel


1035-1110 Networking refreshment break


Session 5


Chair: Mi Jianying, Director, National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety, SAWS, P. R. China


1110-1130   PRESENTATION - Coal-to-chemicals – what are the challenges and opportunities?

  • Overview of projects being commissioned and those that are operational
  • Key technological knowhow that is critical to developing a successful project
  • Environmental value of finished products


William Zhu, Deputy Director for Information and Marketing, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation


1130-1150 PRESENTATION – New demands for coal transportation by railway against the backdrop of supply side reform in China

  • Coastal shipping freight rates and availability – How is this impacting on competition from international suppliers?
  • Availability of trucks and impact of environmental regulations
  • Development of new rail transport links – What impact are these having?


Li Hua, Director for Planning, China Railway Economic and Planning Research Institute


1150-1200 Dry Bulk Shipping - Market overview and discussion questions


Ian Shirreff, CEO, Zodiac


1200-1220 PRESENTATION How are freight rates impacting competitive supply into China? An analysis of supply and demand dynamics


Wang Chengyu, Chief Representative, Clarksons Platou Asia Limited


1220 – 1320 Networking Lunch and Close of Conference