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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Wednesday, March 29, 2017

8:30AM Day 1

08.30 Registration and morning refreshments


09.10 Opening remarks

Alex Tyumenin, Managing Director, Coaltrans Conferences


09.20 Chairman welcome address

Waleed Abouraya, President & CEO, MEBPC


09.30 Coal imports into Middle East markets

  • Current and planned coal-fired power capacity across Middle East regions
  • Potential for market share growth and economics vs gas
  • Progress towards diversification of energy in UAE and update on coal-fired power plants

Mubarak Hussein, Advisor, GCV Group


10.00 Coal in Egypt's fuel mix - Environmental issues and regulations

  • Is a switch from 0% to 25% coal-fired power within Egypt’s energy mix still planned and feasible?
  • Implementation of existing environmental regulations for coal use
  • Are there further regulations that need to be developed around coal use?

Dr. Shadia El Shishiny, Consultant to the Ministry of Environment, Government of Egypt


10.30 PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the preferred supply sources for the Middle East’s coal buyers?

  • Development of Dubai as a central hub for the region’s coal trade
  • How open are Middle East coal buyers to a move towards standardised contract terms?
  • Qualities in demand across the power, steel and cement sectors
  • Regional environmental regulations - Impact on supply sources and delivery
  • Political stability and impact on long term contract trades


George Erumeda Varghese, Chief Executive, Trinity Energy Solutions

Noorul Haque, Director, Gulf Coal Trading

Nandan Rao, Head of Coal - East of Suez, Gulf Petrochem Group


11.00 Networking refreshment break


11.30 To what extent are Indian coal producers using petcoke to optimise their blend?

  • Benefits of incorporating petcoke into the blend at current market prices
  • Demand projection for petcoke imports to India
  • Supply sources for petcoke – Logistics and quality considerations

Nitin M Ambhaikar, Advisor, JK Lakshmi Cement


12.00 Bulk handling at Middle East ports

  • Challenges around port logistics for coal importers and traders
  • Coal volumes traded in Middle East ports and new projects on the horizon
  • Environmental considerations around coal handling

Captain Cliff Brand BSc (Hons) MBA FNI, Group General Manager, RAK Ports, Ras Al Khaimah


12.20 At what level will thermal coal prices peak in 2017?

  • How is domestic Chinese coal production affecting international trade?
  • Supply side availability in Russia, South Africa and Colombia
  • How accurately does the API4 reflect market appetite and what can be done to improve transparency?
  • Pricing coal into Middle Eastern markets – How is this different to other markets?

Omar Elbadry, Operations Director, Sky Investments


12.50 Networking lunch


14.10 Egyptian cement plants – How many are making the switch to coal?

  • Will Egypt achieve the government target of 91mt cement production by 2020?
  • How many cement plants are yet to make the conversion from gas to coal?
  • What are the biggest concerns for cement producers in their coal procurement?

Afifi Afifi, Managing Director, Protrade Company

14.40 Understanding latest developments in coal production, handling and consumption in Pakistan

  • Major coal demand centers
  • New coal power projects
  • Local coal mining vs imported coal
  • Greenfield project of coal handling terminal
  • Managing efficient hinterland coal logistics
  • Role of CPEC as energy corridor

Aasim Siddiqui, Chairman, All Pakistan Shipping Association (APSA)


15.10 PANEL DISCUSSION New opportunities to supply Turkey’s IPPs

  • Has South African coal been priced out of Turkey?
  • Trading on spot market vs long term contracts
  • How long will the $15 import duty on coal imports last and what impact is it having?
  • Cut to regulated Turkish industrial gas tax tariffs – What does this mean for coal?


F. Hasan Arol, Board Member and Import Trade Manager, Atlas Energy

Dr Sirri Uyanik, CEO, ISKEN-Iskenderun Enerji Uretim ve Ticaret

15.40 Networking refreshment break



Delegates are given the opportunity to join one of three private discussion roundtables, each accommodating up to 10 attendees. Each roundtable offers private, interactive discussion among participants around the chosen topic. Places are offered on a first come, first served basis on arrival.

1) How to use derivatives to manage price risk and hedge exposure in coal trading

2) Which coal indices are most applicable for the Middle East’s coal traders?

3) Forecast for coal demand and prices across the Middle East 2017-2020

Ahmed Sulaiman, CEO, Global Coal Ventures



Flexibility and terms of coal sale and purchase agreements

  • Standard contract terms
  • Quality requirements – range and limitations, and adjustments
  • Pricing and risk management

Led by:

Gustavo Fernandez, Director Coal and Freight, Uniper


17.00 Networking drinks reception

Day 2: Thursday, March 30, 2017

9:00AM Day 2

09.00 Registration and morning refreshments


09.30 Opening Remarks

Holly Watson-Steward, Head of Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales, Coaltrans Conferences


09.40 The potential of coal and petcoke in the cement sector

  • When is coal preferable to petcoke?
  • Petcoke production and transportation
  • Economics of using petcoke vs thermal coal
  • How much does quality specification of petcoke matter for the cement industry?

Waleed Abouraya, President & CEO, MEBPC


10.10 INDIA: Growth in pet coke usage & output

  • Burgeoning imports taking India to Pole position
  • Where does India import its pet coke from?
  • Price trends in 2016

Vedanth Vasant, Director, Viva Carbon Pvt Ltd.


10.40 Networking refreshment break


11.10 PANEL DISCUSSION Are coal and petcoke fulfilling their potential use in cement manufacture?

  • Understanding types and qualities of coal needed for cement production
  • Is cheapest always best?
  • How do coal requirements and terms differ regionally – Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Oman, Turkey?


Linda Al-Masri, Deputy General Manager & Supply Chain Director, Qatrana Cement

Gamal Ellaithy, Operations Director, El Sewedy Cement

Vedanth Vasant, Director, Viva Carbon Pvt Ltd.



Delegates are given the opportunity to join one of four country-specific private discussion roundtables. Countries under the spotlight are Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Led by an expert with experience of the country’s coal market, the roundtable will focus on the challenges and opportunities facing coal trading in the country and region. Places are offered on a first come, first served basis on arrival.
Linda Al-Masri, Deputy General Manager & Supply Chain Director, Qatrana Cement

Aasim Siddiqui, Chairman, All Pakistan Shipping Association (APSA)


12.40 Farewell networking lunch