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Agenda Overview

Day One - Thursday 17th November

8.15 Registration opens

9.00 Conference Starts

9.15 Opening remarks

Alex Tyumenin, Managing Director, Coaltrans Conferences


Session One: 9.20 - 10.45

09.20 The highly anticipated uplift in the market has arrived: how long could it take to fully emerge from depression?

  • How much volume has come out of production in 2016, reducing the surplus?
  • Which mines are no longer operational and where are new coal projects developing?
  • Coal demand across ASEAN countries through to 2020

Jim Nicholson, Senior Vice President, Argus Asia


09.40 Australian coal supply – why it should be a higher priority for ASEAN coal buyers

Chris Walker, Sales, Marketing and Logistics Manager, Bengalla Mine


10.00 Indonesian coal supply

Supriatna Suhala, Executive Director, Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI ICMA)


10.10 Panel Discussion: What is the ideal portfolio of coal suppliers for emerging Asian coal markets?

  • Does diversity of supply need to become a higher priority?
  • How do we reduce our reliance on Indonesian coal?
  • How best to manage risk in the interim?
  • Comparing import and export ports
  • Did Indonesia’s coal ban on the Philippines promote the need for diversity and have opportunities become available to other suppliers as a result?

Made up of above speakers plus the following participants:

Adam Craig Jayaprakasam, Senior Manager - Business Relation & Stakeholder Management, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

Javier Guillen, Senior Coal Trader – PAC Manager, Vattenfall


10.45 - 11.30 Networking Break


Session Two: 11.30 – 12.30

11,30 Logistical challenges for coal supply in ASEAN countries

  • Overview of dry bulk shipping and impact on coal freight vs shipment sizes
  • When does each means of transport of a competitive edge?
  • Integrated coal supply chain to power stations seeking efficiency in supply
  • Identifying key players and their role in the coal transportation chain
  • Storage and blending opportunities

Mario Terenzio, Managing Director, Logmarin Advisors


11.50 How are renewable energies and other competing fuels developing in ASEAN countries?

  • How much threat is gas production on coal in Thailand and Myanmar?
  • Could the third-party access regime for LNG change things in Thailand?
  • Will we see 100% renewable energy generation in the Philippines by 2030?

Pramod Singh, Growth & Strategy Director APAC, GE Power


12.10 What does the advent of lower CV coal mean for the global seaborne markets?

  • Outlook for qualities of Indonesian coal available in the seaborne market
  • Key markets for Indonesia’s low CV coal supply
  • An update on Indonesia’s crash power programme - Volume and qualities of coal needed

Cameron Tough, Head of International Marketing, PT Adaro Indonesia


12.30 Questions and discussion

12.40 Networking Lunch


Session Three: 14.00 - 15.00

Roundtables - An opportunity to combine networking and information sharing

Each roundtable discussion will host around 10 participants, led by an expert in the relevant field, and will last for one hour. Places are offered on a first come, first served basis upon arrival


Roundtable 1: How will the growth in Indonesia’s domestic power market affect coal export volumes and qualities from 2017?
Cameron Tough, Head of International Marketing, PT Adaro Indonesia

Supriatna Suhala, Executive Director, Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI ICMA)


Roundtable 2: How much support can ASEAN coal markets offer seaborne coal prices in 2017-2018?
Andrew Jones, Senior Asia Coal Correspondent, Argus Asia


15.00 Afternoon Networking Break


Session Four: 15.30 - 17.00

15.30 How to pro-actively blend coal to minimize variability in supply

  • How can we achieve a lower weighted average price?

Stephan Nel, Global Product/Applications Manager, Thermo Fischer Scientific


15.55  Case study – Biomass and the use of green coal technology in the Philippines

James Mackay, Chairman, Mackay Energy


16.10 Can a consolidated coal industry securely supply the increasingly selective coal requirements of ASEAN coal buyers?

  • Will a smaller industry lead to market rebalancing and an increase in coal price?
  • Could new origins and trade flows emerge as a result?
  • Is a greater understanding and use of indices affecting flexibility in qualities sought?

Sreejith Chalakkal, Marketing Manager, PT Bayan Resources Tbk


16.40 Questions and discussion

17.00 End of day one, start of Evening Networking Reception


Day Two - Friday 18th November

9.00 Registration Opens

9.30 Opening remarks by Coaltrans Conferences


Session Five: 9.35 - 10.50

09.35 European utilities’ experience of diversifying coal supply
Javier Guillen, Senior Coal Trader – PAC Manager, Vattenfall


09.55 – 10.40 PANEL DISCUSSION How are global and national politics affecting the Philippines’ coal industry?

  • What changes for coal are specified in the Philippines’ energy policy review, currently being presented at COP22?
  • How many of the 20+ planned coal-fired power plants will retain their ECCs and be constructed?
  • Could other utilities follow in the footsteps of Energy Development Corporation and remove coal completely?
  • How much power does the anti-coal campaign have in stalling coal-project permissions?

Frank Thiel, Managing Director, Quezon Power

Mark John C Lim, Energy Supply Business -Fuel Management, TeaM (Philippines) Energy Corporation


10.40 Networking Break


Session Six: 11.10 - 12.20

11.10 Philippines coal and energy project case study: Zamboanga Sibugay coal project and Isabela coal mine and power plant

  • The opportunities and issues involved with both projects, along with details about their economic viability

Rolando V. Oliquino, Jr., Project Development Manager, PNOC Exploration Corporation 


11.35 Malaysian power interconnectivity and the changing dynamics of its coal markets

  • Energy demand and subsequent coal-fired power generation in Malaysia
  • The status on interconnection projects linking Malaysia with its neighbours (Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia)
  • The latest on the Sarawak-Peninsular Malaysia HVDC interconnection project
  • The scope of Malaysia’s renewable energy program and its impact on coal through 2020

Razib Dawood, Head of Electricity Market Operation, Energy Commission Malaysia


12.00 Questions and discussion

12.10 Networking Lunch Break and close of conference