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Agenda Overview

Day One - Tuesday 15 March 2016

Thermal Coal Markets

Course Leader: Michael Mewing, Director, MC2 Company Pty Ltd. 

  • Historical overview
  • Major producers and traders
  • Major markets
  • Qualities
  • Supply/demand balance
  • Factors affecting supply, demand and pricing
  • Long term vs. spot markets
  • Drivers/key  risks

Metallurgical Coal Markets

Adrian Reifenstein, Executive Manager, Technical Marketing, ALS Global

  • Introduction to coking coal
  • Coking coal/PCI coal/thermal coal
  • Quality of coking coal and coke
  • Cokemaking/ironmaking operations
  • Major coking coal suppliers
  • Long term and spot business
  • Negotiating coking coal contracts
  • Future trends/issues


Quality and Analysis - Thermal and Metallurgical Coal 

Adrian Reifenstein, Executive Manager, Technical Marketing, ALS Global

  • Basis of analysis: Proximate, ultimate, AFT, energy, HGI, size, distribution and met coal analysis
  • Sampling, precision and bias
  • Testing tolerances and errors
  • Reporting of results to different bases
  • Quality certificates
  • Weight certificates
  • Umpire sampling and procedures


Coal Sale and Purchase Agreements - The Buyer's Perspective 

Course Leader: Michael Mewing, Director, MC2 Company Pty Ltd. 

  • Diversity of supply: source, contract tonnage and options and contract term 
  • Risk management: hedging as a risk management tool
  • Supplier analysis and selection
  • Market dynamics
  • Quality requirements: range and limitations
  • Coal purchase agreements: standard terms and conditions, pricing, tonnage, quality adjustments and payment

Day Two - Wednesday 16 March 2016

Coal Sale and Purchase Agreements - Suppliers and Traders 

Emanuele Novi, Director Coal Trading, Mercuria Energy Trading Pte Ltd 

  • Market analysis, target markets, market  mix
  • Formulation of marketing plans
  • Coal sale and purchase agreements: standart terns and conditions, contract structure, price review and escalation provisions, fixed or index linked, tonnage and scheduling, quality adjustments, payment terms and invoicing, spot vs. long term contracts 

Coal Trading and indices 

Jim Nicholson, Senior Vice President Asia, Argus Media 

  • What constitutes a commodity market?
  • Index development in the coal industry  - Past and future
  • Evolution from long term contracts towards screen trading
  • Price risk management
  • Different types of pricing index
  • Thermal and met coal indices - How do they operate and what impact do they have?
  • Coal futures - The next step in coal commoditisation
  • Price indices and regulation

Legal Overview: Coal Sale & Purchase Agreements and Transport Agreements  

Damian Adams, Partner, Simmons & Simmons  

  • Long term and short term contracts
  • Review of contract terms and contractual relationships
  • Delivery and types of transport agreements
  • Force majeure/demurrage
  • Jurisdiction and choice of law
  • Dispute revolution
  • Review of sample agreements

Case Study 

The delegates will be divided into four groups (buyer and seller). Groups will represent Thermal and Metallurgical coal buyers and sellers and develop negotiation strategies including contract structures for negotiations. Groups work on presentations for their suggested strategies to the whole class. 

Day Three - Thursday 17 March 2016

Fundamentals of Mining and Quality Control 

Mathew Oommen, Mining Engineering Practice Leader, Golder Associates Inc.  

  • Interaction between mine plannning, mining, coal handling, coal preparation and marketing
  • Geology
  • Mine planning
  • Mining
  • Coal handling and preparation activities
  • Quality control

Managing the Relationship between the Mine Owner and Mine Contractor  

Mathew Oommen, Mining Engineering Practice Leader, Golder Associates Inc.  

  • Contractor or project manager?
  • Understanding the differences between the two
  • How are responsibilities divided? Implications for risk and insurance
  • Minimising contractor costs. Benefits to an openbook system/shared-risk system
  • What is a Contract of Work and under what circumstance is it used? Overview and structure. 

Effective Communication & Negotiating Skills   

Course Leader: Michael Mewing, Director, MC2 Company Pty Ltd.   

  • Communication: Listening, speaking, writing
  • Negotiation: preparation, styles, techniques
  • Practical strategies for dealing with difficult situations
  • Body language signals and their importance
  • What is the difference between collaborative and competitive negotiation?

Case Study continued...

 Delegates will be given more time to work in allocated groups on a case study contract negotiation to be presented to the class the next day.


Day Four - Friday 18 March 2016

Barging and Transshipment  

Capt. Mario Terenzio, Managing Director, Logmarin Advisors srl   

  • Identifying the players and their role in the coal transportation chain
  • Case study: Integrated coal transportation to the power station
  • How are transhipment logistics changing? Trends in usage and new  types of facilities; loading rates and economics, today and in the future; offshore transhipment vs. terminals and their operational dynamics
  • Barging overview, barge types
  • Barging/transhipment contracts: main terms and conditions
  • Floating Stockpile (open vs. closed - environmental and cost implications) and coal blending opportunities. 

Case Study Presentations   

The Shipping Market: An interactive Workshop

  • Moving dry cargo between logistical points
  • Communication
  • Dry bulk commodity price v. freight
  • Time charter
  • Voyage chartering
  • Role of logistics
  • Risks associated with contracts
  • Limiting exposure
  • Golden rules



End of training course