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Convince the boss

5 tips for justifying your attendance at Coaltrans Asia

We’ve all been there. There’s an event you’re dying to attend. You know all your industry peers and competitors will be there and you can see that it’s a great investment. One problem, your boss isn’t convinced.

To save you the trouble of justifying your attendance at Coaltrans Asia, we’ve come up with 5 tips that might come in handy for that all-important discussion with your boss.


1. Unbeatable learning opportunities
With 40+ industry thought-leaders offering fresh perspectives and provocative content in new formats including CEO interviews, private roundtables and Oxford Style debates, Coaltrans Asia is more than just sitting in a conference room passively staring at a monotonous slide show. Our carefully selected line-up of industry experts are chosen for their ability to dynamically impart their knowledge on current trends and successful tactics. There’s no doubt that it’s in your best interest (and your boss’) to take advantage of what these experts have to say.

2. Face-to-face networking
You can’t beat good old fashioned face-to-face conversations. No matter how much people say you can introduce yourself over email, it’s just not the same. So why not take the opportunity to attend the coal industry’s largest gathering and meet some of those contacts in person. Who knows, you might even make new contacts, or new deals! Plus, it’s almost certain that your clients and competitors will be there making those deals if you’re not.

3. Improve performance
It’s no secret that enhanced industry knowledge and an enviable list of contacts will lead to a higher level of success. Explain to your boss exactly how Coaltrans Asia will improve your performance and add value to the company. Review the agenda and identify relevant topics and sessions; check the delegate list to see who has potential to become a client or colleague. Year after year Coaltrans Asia discloses the latest market updates and as the industry’s largest event you’re bound to meet a potential client or two, but with a plan of action in hand your boss is more likely to consider your proposal.

4. Share your new found knowledge
Clearly you can’t take every single person from your office to Coaltrans Asia. But just because they’re not all attending, doesn’t mean they can’t all benefit. Offer to set up a de-briefing after the event to share your takeaways with the team and start incorporating your new found knowledge into an actionable business plan. You can even sit down with your colleagues before the event and ask what they most want to learn about. That way, your event experience is guaranteed to be a collaborative experience.

5. Prepare a budget
Finally, state the facts and be transparent with the numbers. Include the registration fee, travel, hotel and any other costs you can think of. It’s always a good idea to be thrifty, so it’s worth taking into account early bird discounts and special hotel rates for delegates.

If you know that Coaltrans Asia would be a valuable investment for you and your company, it’s worth asking. Just be clear about the benefits and transparent about the costs (and a little persuasive charm never hurts!) and they’ll find it hard to say no.