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Agenda Overview

Day One - Thursday January 28, 2016

8:00 Registration and Coffee

Session 1: 9.00-10.30

9:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks

            Orson Francescone, Managing Director, Coaltrans Conferences

9:05 Murray Energy Corporation: The ongoing destruction of the US coal industry

  • The causes of the decrease in coal use and their impact on the electric power grid and the availability of affordable energy
  • What Murray Energy Corporation is doing to counter this
  • Predicting the short and long-term future of the US coal industry and export capabilities

               Robert E. Murray, Chairman, President and CEO, Murray Energy Corporation

 9:40 Evolution of Coal Producers through 2018

  • Will there be any more consolidation of coal producers?
  • Anticipated volumes of thermal and met coal production across the US
  • How many mines will be left and what will their capacity utilization be?

             Ted O’Brien, CEO, Doyle Trading Consultants 

  10:10 US Producers Panel: How do they continue business as coal becomes an increasingly volatile fuel source?

  • How open can contracts with end-users be given the need to maintain good relationships with end-users whilst managing stable operations?
  • Are flexible contracts suitable for all producers in the US and will this be a key determinant for survival?
  • Will there be a few success stories or will all lose out equally?

 Moderator: Ted O’Brien, CEO, Doyle Trading Consultants         
 Panellists:  Adam Anderson
, Vice President, Marketing/Sales, Armstrong Coal, Inc
            Sam Johnson,
Vice President Energy Marketing, CONSOL Energy
            Nick Glancy,
President, Blackhawk Mining LLC
            George Dethlefsen,
CEO, Corsa Coal Corp.
            Grant Quasha,
Chief Commercial Officer, Bowie Resource Partners LLC 

 11:00-11:30 Refreshment Break, sponsored by Bowie Resource Partners LLC

Session 2: 11:30-12:35

11:30 NEW: CEO Onstage Interview 

            Orson Francescone, Managing Director of Coaltrans Conferences will interview Colin Marshall, CEO of Cloud Peak Energy

 11:50 Restructuring the Coal Producers by Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

            Marshall S. Huebner, Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP
            Brian M. Resnick, Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP


 12:35-14:00   Lunch break, sponsored by Bowie Resource Partners LLC

Session 3: 14:00-15:40

14:00 Domestic Buyers Panel: How much difference is there between prices-paid and indices for coal, and does it matter?

  • Examples of price differentiation and possible causes
  • What steps can be made to reduce divergence between indices and deals?
  • Is greater consolidation making the market more transparent?

            Moderator: Mike M. Hardesty, Senior Vice President, Commercial Operations, Business Development, Terminals 
            and International Coke, SunCoke Energy, Inc.
            Panellists: Tris Swindle,
Principal Buyer, Southern Co. 
            Chuck West,
Manager - Coal Procurement, American Electric Power (AEP)
            Gregory A. Workman
, Director Fuels, Dominion Generation

14:40 Where is the US on the production cost-curve in comparison to their international competitors?

  • A look at the competitiveness of international coal exports minus their exchange rate advantage
  • The likelihood of a weakening dollar by 2020 and what this means for the US’ competitive advantage in coal exports
  • When will met coal demand and supply reach a new balance and what will the US' global metallurgical market share be?

            Hayden Atkins, Consultant, Argus Media

15:00 EU Buyers Panel: Can the US realistically expect a rebound in exports to Europe?

  • Demand for US coal from the EU – Volumes and grades required by region
  • Status of EU emission regulations and their impact on regional EU coal demand
  • What are EU utilities planning in terms of diversifying to alternative energies?

            Panellists: Gustavo Fernandez, Director Coal and Freight, EON Global Commodities SE
            Matthew Moore,
Senior Physical Coal Trader, Vattenfall Energy Trading
            Dave Docker,
Head of Procurement, Drax UK
            Fulya Coban,
Fuel Trade Manager, HC Trading (Heidelberg Cement Group)

 15:40-16:25   Refreshment Break , sponsored by Bowie Resource Partners LLC

Session 4: 16:25 – 17:50

16:25 Investors Panel: The process for finding good investment opportunities and looking where no one else is in the coal industry

  • Post chapter 11 who will the stakeholders be and what will companies look like – will they all emerge healthier and stronger?
  • Which assets will be left of those companies that emerge from chapter 11 and what will happen to them?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of selling assets inside chapter 11 and out of it

Moderator:  Grant Quasha, Chief Commercial Officer, Bowie Resource Partners LLC          
Panellists: Jonathan Rose,
Managing Director – Global Metals & Mining, BMO Capital Markets
            Paul Forward,
Managing Director - Research, Stifel Investment Banking
            Mark A. Levin,
Managing Director, BB&T Capital Markets
            Jeremy Sussman
, Managing Director - Mining & Metals, Clarksons Platou Securities
            Mark Zand
, Partner, Wexford Capital LLP

17:10 Asian Traders Panel: Which grades of coal are a priority for Asian coal buyers and where does price come into it?

  • Does US coal have a unique selling point in supplying Asia?
  • What will the growth of the steel-industry be in Asia over the next ten years?
  • Are there any perceived challenges with buying from the US?

 Moderator:  Grant Quasha, Chief Commercial Officer, Bowie Resource Partners LLC             
            Panellists: Krishan Gupta
, President & Head - Energy, Swiss Singapore (Dubai)
            Daniel Kimura,
General Manager – Metallurgical Coal Marketing Department, Coal Division, Mineral & Metal Resources Business 
            Unit, Mitsui & Co.
            Luther Lu,
Independent Consultant

18:30 Networking evening reception on Biscayne Bay, Sponsored by XCoal


Day Two - Friday January 29, 2016

9:00 Registration and Coffee

Session 5: 9:30 – 11:00

9:30 Opening Remarks

            Abigail Clifton, Conference Producer, Coaltrans Conferences

9:35 How do buyers tackle reduced choice from a smaller pool of producers and yet push for greater flexibility?

  • Rationale behind need for greater flexibility from the end-user perspective and latest trends in managing coal stockpiles, stock-rolling permits, sale of unused coal, intelligent use of storage capacity
  • Are there any opportunities left for long-term coal contracts with producers?
  • A consolidated market landscape – will this reduce price competition and coal grade availability?

             Chuck West, Manager – Coal Procurement, American Electric Power


10:00 Transportation Panel: Are supply chain transport companies prioritising coal in their future business plans?

  • Sharing space with competitive commodities like grain and petcoke – how quickly can barges change their load-type and will there be enough equipment available for coal?
  • What are their projected volumes of coal-transportation by 2018 and 2025?
  • How flexible can railroads realistically be in terms of timing, operations and price, given their debt-burdens of previous capital outlay?

            Moderator: Tom Canter, Executive Director, National Coal Transportation Association
            Panellists: Chuck Arnold, Vice President-Business & Strategic Development, Ingram Barges
            Todd Nuelle, Director of Sales and Marketing – Coal, CN

 10:30  Service Providers Panel: How much extra support can be offered by service providers to producers in cost-cutting?

  • Opportunities for service-providers to diversify into other products – how is this impacting relationships with coal producers?
  • Can terminals play a permanent role in buying spot-priced coal and forming their own contracts with buyers?
  • Impact of efficiency improvements and cost cuts by producers – how much has been passed on to service-providers?

            Moderator: Paul Reagan, President, Sampling Associates International
            Panellists: Wilson J. Browning III, Coal Team Product Leader and Commercial Director, Kinder Morgan Terminals
            Brian Miles, Vice President - Sales, United Bulk Terminals USA, Inc. 

11:00-11:30   Refreshment Break, sponsored by SunCoke Energy

Session 6: 11:30 – 13:10

11:30 US Energy Panel: How reliable will the provision of electricity be following the EPA Clean Power Plan?

  • Will the national grid have enough power and what will the electricity reserve margins be?
  • Will there be enough coal production to meet the grid’s demand?
  • Could utilities find they need to import coal from overseas if the US coal industry goes out of business?

           Moderator: Josh Zive, Senior Counsel, Bracewell
            Panellists: Ryan Flynn, Secretary of Environment and the Natural Resources Trustee, State of New Mexico
           Jason Hayes, Associate Director, American Coal Council and Editor-in-Chief, American Coal Magazine
            Holly Bender, Deputy Director of Beyond Coal Campaign, Sierra Club
            Andrew Wheeler, Principal, FaegreBD Consulting

12:10 New: Roundtables

Private discussion roundtables offer the perfect balance of networking and exchanging information. Each roundtable will be led by an expert in the relevant field, and delegates will have one hour to sit at each table.

1. Forecasting gas exports, prices and infrastructure – What does this mean for coal?
Ross Wyeno, Senior Energy Analyst, Platts Bentek Products

2. Realistic implementation costs and the timeline until full adherence to the EPA Clean Power Plan
Ryan Flynn, Secretary of Environment and the Natural Resources Trustee, State of New Mexico

3. For how long are Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) sustainable in a structurally declining industry?

  • Have MLPs outperformed the rest?
  • Are there enough growth opportunities or assets left to keep paying dividends?
  • The indicators which imply the right time to form an MLP and common issues that arise when doing so

Greg Matlock, US MLP Leader and Energy Fund COE Markets Leader, EY

4. Petcoke: A Market in Turmoil 

  • US is the petcoke supplier to the world
  •  Environmental regulations are having a significant impact
  • Market is currently over-supplied, but demand is set to increase soon

Ben Ziesmer, Senior Consultant ,Jacobs Consultancy - Carbon Group

5. The seller’s perspective: do we need pricing indices in the domestic US coal market and are the existing indices relevant?

  • What can we learn from the European industry about deriving and using indices?
  • How can we create a physical standard l liquid trading market to create a relevant index?
  • How do we get support from the industry to participate in a liquid physical market?

Peter Bradley, CEO, Javelin Global Commodities (UK) Ltd.

6. Having now secured all permits to build at Fraser Surrey Docks, when’s the best time to expand export capacity in the Pacific North-West?

  • Key considerations for timing new export capacity to market recovery
  • When will producers be ready to ramp up export capacity?
  • The importance of investing in infrastructure development when the market is down
  • Is creating new capacity for exports to Asia in the PNW a good investment?

Jeff Scott, CEO and President, Fraser Surrey Docks

13:10 Lunch Break, sponsored by SunCoke Energy


Close of Conference