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 Is this market dominated by too few players? If so, what can be done to change this? o    What is the political risk status of the region?  o    Will Dubai continue to remain the most important port in the Middle East? o    Aside from India, will Egypt become the most important market in the Middle East? How does Egypt compare with Turkey and the UAE?


Is the Turkish cement industry creating demand for pet coke? o Is cement production in Turkey picking up or slowing down? o Is pet coke consumption increasing in Turkey due to the cement industry? o What will the impact of incipient cement industries in Iran and Egypt have on Turkish exports?


Update on the “The Environmental Regulations” that are under development in Egypt o How is the environmental regulatory regime likely to look? o Will the Egyptian regulations follow European environmental regulatory trends? o How will the new regulations affect the ongoing development of the cement industry in Egypt?


To what extent are Saudi Arabia and Kuwait moving towards substituting coal for burning oil for power generation? o What is the latest research into the use of coal for power in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? o Will the recent production of pet coke in Saudi Arabia impact imports? o How these new products will change the petroleum coke dynamics for the region?


How much longer will Pakistan’s coal remain in the ground?


What are the considerable opportunities in logistics, inland transportation, storage challenges in the Egyptian coal market? o How much more port capacity is needed to feed the domestic appetite for coal? o Do floating ports enable ships with greater tonnage to access Egypt? o How are importers going to transport the coal from the ports to the facilities that use it? o What opportunities and challenges for inland transportation infrastructural development are there, including highway construction, rail networks and river capacity? o Assessing the possible solutions to the challenge of warehousing coal in Egypt