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Agenda Overview

Day One - Wednesday 4 November 2015

08:00 Registration & Coffee

08:45 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Sarah Robertson, Head of Conference Production, Coaltrans Conferences

Session 1 (09:00 - 10:45)

09:00 Middle East Market Overview: How is the Middle East fulfilling expectations as the world's fastest coal growth region?

  • China's declining coal consumption and impact on ME trade flow
  • Is there any risk that India will follow China's footsteps?
  • Is this market dominated by too few players? If so, what can be done to change this?
  • What is the political risk status of the region?
  • Will Dubai continue to remain the most important port in the Middle East?
  • How does Egypt compare with Turkey and the UAE as a growth market?

Noorul Haque, Advisor, Gulf Coal trading LLC, and Director, Global Commodity Ventures FZC

09:30 The UAE: A future coal success coal story?

  • Who are the users of coal within the UAE?
  • Update on the development of the 2019 power plants in Dubai
  • What do the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority have planned for the future in terms of coal power plants?
  • What developments are taking place in the development of cement receiving ports in Dubai?

10:00 Panel discussion: Supply of ships vs. demand of cargo: Where is the freight market in the Middle East at the moment?

  • Who are the underlying drivers of the supply/demand dynamic in freight?
  • Update on the dry coal market and developments in dry bulk shipping
  • Can India fill the supply/demand imbalance left by China?
  • Opportunities in clubbing tonnages for delivering to the Middle East and Pakistan
  • Will other products like iron ore and grains be able to bring up rates?

Simon Trowell,  General Manager, Pacific Basin Shipping Middle East DMCC 
Guy Hindley, Director London, Dry Cargo, Howe Robinson

10:45 Networking break

Session 2 (11:30 - 13:00)

11:30 Panel discussion: Is the Turkish cement industry creating demand for pet coke?

  • Is cement production in Turkey picking up or slowing down?
  • IS pet coke consumption increasing in Turkey due to the cement industry?
  • Can India fill the supply/demand imbalance left by China?
  • What will the impact of incipient cement industries in Iran and Egypt have on Turkish exports?

M Sabri Oral ,Chief Executive Officer, Odak Solid Fuels, EVP, Odak Group

12:15 Panel discussion: Who will be the big winner in the drive towards increasing Turkish coal power generation?

  • Assessing the enormous potential of the power generation gap in Turkey
  • Who will bridge the financing gap necessary for the Turkish appetite for power generation?
  • Where are power stations going to import coal from? Who will be the big winners?

Freddie Staermose , Business Development Manager - Coal and Biomass, Argus

13:00 Networking lunch

14:30 Update on "The Environmental Regulations" that are under development in Egypt

  • How is the Environmental regulatory regime likely to look?
  • Will the Egyptian regulations follow European environmental regulatory trends?
  • How will the new regulations affect the on-going developments of the cement industry in Egypt?

Afifi Afifii, Managing Director, Protrade Company

15:00 Assessing the huge potential of the Egyptian cement industry and energy sector as a driver of a surge in coal imports

  • Importing coal to the Middle East's most exciting growth market: Who's doing it and what lessons have been learned so far?
  • Assessing the dynamics between the appetite for coal and pet coke in the cement industry in Egypt
  • Who is going to be allowed to trade with the cement companies and get permit for infrastructural development?
  • Analysis of the expected expansion in local pet coke production

    Waleed Abouraya, President, RGS Egypt

    15:30 Panel discussion: What are the considerable opportunities in logistics, inland transportation, storage challenges in the Egyptian coal market?
    • How much port capacity is needed to feed the domestic appetite for coal?
    • Do floating ports enable ships with greater tonnage to access Egypt?
    • How are importers going to transport the coal from the ports to the facilities that use it?
    • What opportunities and challenges are there, including highway construction, rail networks and river capacity?
    • Assessing the possible solutions to the challenge of warehousing coal in Egypt

    Karim Salama, Chairman, MELC Group
    Dr Refaat Arnout, Dry Bulk Division General Manager, Suez Canal Authority

    16:15 Networking break

    Session 3 ( 16:45 - 17:50)

    16:45 Financial modelling for solid fuels and infrastructural development in Egypt

    • Who is going to finance solid fuels and infrastructural development in Egypt?
    • Addressing the lack of financial modelling for the development of the power plant that are needed in Egypt: Who will fill this gap?
    • How does the finance industry need to change in order to support these developments?

    17:15 Jordan: A new customer for the coal and pet coke market

    • What is the appetite for pet coke and coal in Jordan?
    • Assessing the challenges of operating as a supplier to the Jordanian market

    Linda Al-Masri, Supply Chain Director, Qatrana Cement

    17:45 Chairperson's closing remarks

    18:00 Networking Evening Reception

    Day Two - Thursday 5 November 2015

    08:30 Coffee and networking

    Session 1 (09:00-10:30)

    09:00 Chairperson's opening remarks

    09:15 What do new Saudi refineries mean for Middle East pet coke imports?

    • What is the latest research into the use of coal for power in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait?
    • Will the recent production of pet coke in Saudi Arabia impact imports?
    • How these new products will change the petroleum coke dynamics for the region?

    Rodrigo Echeverri, Research Fellow, King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC)

    09:45 Panel discussion - Pet coke: how are the new Saudi refineries impacting the Middle East pet coke imports?

  • How are the Saudi refineries impacting the Middle East pet coke imports?
  • How does Saudi pet coke compare to US pet coke which has been traditionally used by Pakistan and India?
  • Does the rising demand for cement in Turkey entail an increase in pet coke imports? If, so where will they import from?

    Anil Kumar Pillai, Director & CEO, JSW Cement Limited
  • 10:30 Networking break

    Session 2 (11:00 - 12:30)

    11:00 Panel discussion - How much longer will Pakistan's coal remain in the ground?

    • Update on the Thar coal field
    • What opportunities are available for financing in Pakistan? Where is the money going to come from?
    • Will coal mining in Pakistan solve the energy shortage?
    • What opportunities are available for infrastructure investors and developers?
    • Will the recent production of pet coke in Saudi Arabia impact imports? How does the pricing from Saudi compare to that which can be achieved domestically?
    • Is CBM economically viable? As most of Pakistan's coal is lignite, are there economic/environmental repercussions to using on a large scale?

    Shamsuddin Sheikh, CEO, Engro Powergen
    Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company
    Shahrukh Khan, CEO, Oracle Coalfields

    11:30 If the UN sanctions are lifted on Iran, where would Middle East trade flows go?

    • What is the impact of Iranian oil and tonnage on the coal market in the instance of the lifting of sanctions?
    • Should the sanctions lift, how will Iranian steel production impact the coal and coke markets in the Middle East?
    • How these new products will change the petroleum coke dynamics for the region?
    • How will the lifting of sanctions affect who Iran imports coking coal from?

    11:30 What opportunities are there for Indian coal traders in the Middle East?

    • Where is India importing its coal from?
    • As South Africa focuses more on its domestic market, what opportunities are there for alternative suppliers to fulfil India's demand?
    • Benefits of operating from Dubai for Indian coal traders
    • Analysing the credit risk of trading with India
    • Will the recent production of pet coke in Saudi Arabia impact imports from other countries to India?

    12:30 Chairperson's closing remarks followed by networking lunch