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Speaker Presentations


Are coal prices now on a one-way trajectory? • Global seaborne trade dynamics and impact on Atlantic market • How much recovery is needed before spare supply capacity returns to the market? • Market outlook 2016


An Oxford Style Debate on the future for thermal coal trade: This house believes that the market will need an infrastructure-heavy greenfield thermal coal project again in future


Will Europe build any more coal-fired power stations? - Status of Europe’s existing coal-fired power stations – Retirement, coal to gas switching - Power stations that can function economically amid existing regulations - Could planned coal-fired power stations in Egypt, Morocco, Turkey etc. offer an additional 100mt demand?


Where in Africa offers the best coal investment opportunities based on existing infrastructure capacity? - Differential regional rates of growth for transport and coal production capacity - Separating fact from fiction when looking at South Africa’s coal market trade

World Coal 2015 - Partipants Info Pack.pdf


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How quickly can Egypt reach 60mt of solid fuel imports for its cement and power industry? • Role for traders as power and cement plants are required to import direct? • Impact of environmental law on move towards increased use of solid fuels • How much of the necessary transport infrastructure investment has been realised so far?


The carbon and gas nexus: The end for coal? • European carbon - Will prices in the world’s largest carbon emissions market erode the competiveness of coal? • Global carbon- When and will carbon pricing mechanisms expand globally? • Global gas – Will gas supply developments push coal out of power all on its own?


Calling the bottom in metcoal prices • Why is the latest step down in prices different? • Are any producers making money at these levels? • Have all production cuts been made? • How long until the market rebounds? • Metcoal price forecast 2015-2016


Three month spot coal price forecast • Outlook for coal consumption and electricity generation in Western Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia-Pacific • Regional inventory levels and supply availability • Impact of gas prices, transport costs and seasonal factors


With Australian- Japanese benchmark losing relevance, what is the future for metcoal price realisation? • How soon could spot overtake term contracts in volumes traded? • The increasing role of traders in the metcoal supply chain • Will there be a backlash against undercutting of Chinese producers?


The dry bulk shipping cycle and capacity oversupply – Are we following the historical pattern? • Where are we in the dry bulk shipping cycle and what can this tell us about the year ahead? • Freight rate forecast 2016-2017 • Winners and losers from an increase in freight rates


How are currency fluctuations affecting seaborne coal supply? • RUB, COP, EUR and TRY currency movements against USD and what this means for coal prices • How is relative currency appreciation/depreciation affecting buy-side appetite? • Factors affecting trade flows into Europe and the Mediterranean


An Oxford Style Debate on the future for thermal coal trade: This house believes that the market will need an infrastructure-heavy greenfield thermal coal project again in future