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Speaker Presentations

CT Poland 2015 - Event information pack.pdf

CT Poland Jarno Marta English version - Polski Koks.pdf

Marta Jarno, Director – Market Analysis Department, Polski Koks • Production capacity of Polish coke industry • Polish coke export destinations • Position of Poland in international trade of coke

Session 2 - A Bochenski English version.pdf

Adam Bochenski, CEO, EDF Paliwa • Enforcement of EU 2030 targets and practical impact on utility buying patterns • What are Poland’s concessions to the agreement and how much flexibility do power plants have? • Has this affected the coal qualities in demand?

Session 2 - Greg Poole presentation.pdf

Greg Poole, Director, Gondwana Energy International • Proven strategies for overcoming inefficiencies in deep underground mines • Extraction and utilisation of in-seam gas • Dealing with logistical, operational and environmental issues

Session 3 - Hector Forster presentation.pdf

Team Leader, Platts • Market outlook, price dynamics and changing procurement trends in metallurgical markets • Implications for European coal and coke producers and steel industry • Development of index linked and spot trade

Session 5 - Zygmunt £ukaszczyk presentation.pdf

President, Katowicki Holding Weglowy (KHW) • How has the restructuring of Kompania Weglowa affected production levels and coal sales at Katowicki Holding Weglowy? • To which areas can Polish coal be exported? • What are the opportunities for investment in KHW?

Session 1 - Michal Sobel presentation - Polish version.pdf

Michał Sobel, Kompania Węglowa S.A. Proces przekształceń i oferta Kompanii Węglowej S.A. w latach 2015-2020


Piotr Matuszak, President, KTK Polska • What impact will the draft legislation have on end-users? • Has it affected coal sales within Poland? • Impact on both domestic and imported coal trade

Session 1 - Michal Sobel presentation - Polish version.pdf

Michał Sobel, Kompania Węglowa S.A.

Session 1 - Janusz Olszowski presentation - English version.pdf

Janusz Olszowski, President, Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GIPH) • Analysis of the government’s proposed energy strategy to 2050 • Competition from other fuel sources • The impact of this strategy on the Poland’s coal production

Session 6 - Michal Herman presentation - English version.pdf

• PG Silesia’s activities in Poland • Specific challenges of excavating hard coal close to the Czech border • Mining operations in Silesia

Session 1 - Michal Sobel presentation - English version.pdf

Vice President Sales and Marketing, KW • What are the details of the rescue plan for Kompania Weglowa and how are these impacting production levels? • How is the restructuring affecting other Polish coal producers? • Opportunities for investment in the “New KW”

CTPoland 2015_International.pdf


Jack Porco, President & Chief Commercial Officer, Xcoal Energy & Resources • Areas of met coal production and supply from the US • Qualities of coal available and their possible uses in Poland • The benefits of purchasing and utilising US coal


Aleksander Sobolewski, Director, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal • Market outlook: domestically produced vs. imported coal • The impact of new coal quality regulations in Poland at a national and regional level • Types of coal fired residential heating boilers in use and air emissions caused • The implications of NGO activities relating to air quality

Session 3 - Rajendra Pathak.pdf

Rajendra Pathak, Chief Procurement Officer, ArcelorMittal Poland • Impact of EU emissions targets on steel production plants and their coal buying patterns • Steel production outlook for 2015-16 and how coal can meet demand from Polish steel mills • Sourcing and creating the necessary blend for steel production

Session 1 - Janusz Olszowski presentation - Polish version.pdf

Janusz Olszowski, Górnicza Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa

Session 2 - A Bochenski Polish version.pdf

Adam Bocheński, CEO EDF Paliwa

Session 4 - Jarno Marta Polish version - Polski Koks.pdf

Marta Jarno, Polski Koks SA