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Liang Jiakun

Executive Vice President
China National Coal Association

Liang Jiakun was born in March 1951, Tianjin. He started work in October 1968, and joined the communist party of China in December 1984. 1975.12 - 1983.02 Assistant Engineer of Shanxi Fenxi Mining Bureau 1983.02 - 1992.03 Deputy Director and Engineer of FenXi Mining Bureau 1992.03 - 1993.09 Deputy Director of Production Department, China Coal Mines Corporation 1993.09 - 1997.05 Assistant Researcher, Department Chief, and Senior Engineer, Ministry of Coal Industry 1997.06 - 1998.05 Assistant Director Kailuan Mining Bureau 1998.06 - 2000.05 Assistant Inspector, Department of Coal Industry 2000.05 - 2001.03 Deputy Director, Department of Coal Industry 2001.03 - 2003.01 Deputy Director, Safety Supervision Bureau of State Administration of Work Safety (saws) 2003.07 - 2005.02 Deputy Minister, Safety Supervision Bureau of State Administration of Coal Mine Safety (saws) 2005.02 - 2011.04 Deputy Minister, Safety Supervision Bureau of State Administration of Work Safety (saws) 2011.04 - Now Vice President and Secretary-general of China Coal Industry Association 梁嘉琨,男,汉族,1951年3月生,天津人,1968年10月参加工作,1984年12月加入中国共产党。山西煤炭管理干部学院企业管理系毕业,高级工程师。 1975.12-1983.02 任山西汾西矿务局设计处技术员、助理工程师 1983.02-1992.03 任汾西矿务局基建处副科长、副处长、工程师(其间,1987.9-1989.6在山西煤炭管理干部学院企业管理系学习) 1992.03-1993.09 任中国统配煤矿总公司生产局副处级干部 1993.09-1997.05 任煤炭部生产协调司生产准备处助理调研员、处长、高级工程师 1997.06-1998.05 任开滦矿务局局长助理 1998.06-2000.05 任国家煤炭工业局行业管理司助理巡视员 2000.05-2001.03 任国家煤炭工业局地方乡镇煤矿整顿与安全监察办公室副主任 2001.03-2003.01 任国家安全生产监督管理局(国家煤矿安全监察局)煤矿安全监察二司副司长、司长 2003.01-2003.07 任国家安全生产监督管理局(国家煤矿安全监察局)办公室(外事司、财务司)主任(司长) 2003.07-2005.02 任国家安全生产监督管理局(国家煤矿安全监察局)副局长、党组成员 2005.02-2011.04 任国家安全生产监督管理总局副局长、党组成员 2011.04- 十二届全国政协委员、国家安全生产监督管理总局副部级干部、中国煤炭工业协会副会长兼秘书长、中国煤矿文化艺术联合会主席

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