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Speaker Presentations


Mid-term outlook of metcoal market with focus on green field projects in China 炼焦煤供给的结构性变化

1610 Zhou Jian Hua.pdf

Future share of coal-fired power in China’s incremental power growth • With rising power demand, can coal consumption be significantly reduced without endangering China’s power supply? • The impact of Beijing’s recent reforms on China’s power industry • Future Phase I, II and III power plant developments for Zhejiang in China

1445 Cui Pijinag.pdf

Running a profitable business – What is the forecast for future Chinese steel demand? 最新我国焦化行业总体运行情况及发展趋势 • China’s expected steel production and demand, 2015 - 2017 • Potential to refine the developed products and what this could mean for coal demand • Correlation between coal price and product price – How does this shape steel mills operations?

1205 hu bo eng and chinese.pdf

• How important is coal supply diversification in procurement strategy? • Criteria for finding reliable coal suppliers • How are Chinese quality preferences impacting blending within the supply chain? • Value of imported coal once offered on domestic market at RMB price 中国电力企业进口煤需求减少原因分析

1430 Presentation Bob Kamandanu - Coaltrans Beijing (160415)-Final.pdf

Role of China as export destination for Indonesian coals - Qualities and volume available • Introduction of export licence and other key regulations • How is demographic of producers changing as miners refinance and make cost cuts? • How much production is destined to remain on domestic market as PT PLN ramps up demand?

0950 Wu Yin.pdf

The role of coal, gas and renewable generated power in China • The reality of Beijing’s 2020 coal cap – How much coal can realistically be displaced by other energy sources? • China’s growing emphasis on developing clean energy power projects – • Which technologies will offer the most sustainable alternatives to coal?

1150 Datong Coal Mining Group.pdf

做好三篇文章 舞活销售龙头 全力开创煤炭生产企业发展新局面

1410 ¹ú¼Êú Ì¿´ó»áÐñÑô±¨¸æchinese.pdf


1450 ÂÞ´ºÌÒ zek.pdf


1630 Dimitris Seirinakis СÄþ (ÖÐÎÄ) 2015.4.15.pdf

合同风险管理: 在无常年代进行自我保护的实用步骤

0955-1 ‘vŠâ-YY.pdf



Insight into a steel mills coal purchasing strategy • Assessment of the key factors shaping domestic coking coal supply • Significance of the mill location when deciding on imported vs domestic coal • Fixed or index linked prices as potential risk management strategies

1125 Öйú¸ÖÌú¼°Ò±½ðúÊг¡Õ¹Íû£­£­2015Äê4ÔÂÕÅ×Ücoaltrans»áÒé·¢ÑÔ²ÄÁÏ-¶¨¸å.pdf


1405 Batbileg Batbayar eng.pdf

Opportunities for Mongolia to increase its coal exports to China • Impact of improvements to Mongolia’s rail connectivity on coal supply capacity • Russia as a transit for Mongolian coal onto the international market – How much market diversification is open to Mongolia’s coal industry? • What investment is needed for the continued development of Tavan Tolgoi?



Cameron Vorias - Session 5.pdf

The new Small/Medium Enterprises in the global coal supply market • New SME future coal developments in Australia • New innovative coal supply including a flexible coal quality pipeline • Developing a flexible multi-node coal mining business around Take or Pay obligations • Flexible asset management and optimised human resource practices

1630 Dimitris Seirinakis.pdf

Protecting yourself: Can you be certain in an uncertain market? • International coal transactions – Contractual risk management • Types of contracts, risk, remedies and practical considerations • Risk management: Non-delivery of coal, late delivery of coal and off-specification coal

Julien Hall - Session 8.pdf

China’s spot met coal imports – An increasing trend? • Who are the most active miners, traders and consumers? • Which coal brands are most commonly imported, and how do they rank price-wise? • How do domestic and seaborne prices behave relative to each other?

CT China 2015 - Partipants Info Pack.pdf







Introduction of the world's first set of annual output of 500000 tons of polypropylene


To explore three major rules, to motivate the leading sectors of the enterprise, to make a breakthrough progress in the development of coal industry.