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Speaker Presentations

Coaltrans Middle East brochure - updated 3 Oct.pdf


Keynote: Coal trading in the Middle East • Recent developments in coal trading in the region • Future outlook for coal trading in the Middle East

Rodrigo Echeverri.pdf

Overview of the World of Coal •Coal from an Asian, Latin American, European and Middle Eastern perspective •Anticipated developments in the world of coal

Sirri Uyanik.pdf

•Role for coal in Turkey’s power generation sector? •ISKEN – Case study for private investment in Turkish coal-fired power generation •Import trends – Sourcing sized coal

Michael McLean.pdf

U.S. Origin Thermal Coal - A Competitive Fuel for Global Consumers • Why U.S. Thermal Coal has Remained Competitive in the Global Market • High C.V. Coal – A Flexible and Diversifiable Fuel Source

Waleed Abouraya.pdf

Demand for Coal in the Middle East • Demand for thermal coal • Demand for metallurgical coal • Coal buying in the context of cement

Nick Collins.pdf

Outlook for freight rates in 2015 • Why has the shipping market been showing contradictory messages? • Why didn’t it rise as expected in the second quarter? • Has it finally turned the corner? • What sectors look best placed?

Guy Turner.pdf

Outlook for Coal vs. Other Energy Sources • Shale gas and US legislation – does this mean a long-term decline for coal in the US • Renewables – will these replace coal in Europe • Asian demand for coal – will this continue to rise? • What will this do for aggregate coal demand

James Bernard.pdf

Dubai as a Trading Hub –Why Dubai? • What Dubai has to offer • DMCC Free Zone • Who is already here and why • DMCC Platforms, Products and Services specific to Commodities

George Erumeda Varghese.pdf

Petcoke in the Middle East and Worldwide • Fuel Evolution in the Cement Industry in the Middle East and North Africa • Is petcoke evolving as the main Fuel? • Does the Quality specification of petcoke matter for Cement Industry? • Petcoke vs coal - technical, process and environmental issues • Supply sources of petcoke for the Middle East

Xavier Prevost.pdf

The South African coal industry • How SA “fits” into the global picture • The seaborne, Atlantic and Pacific markets • Coal mining industry in South Africa • Qualities, processing, exports, logistics • The key players and the local market in South Africa

Tahir Ahmed.pdf

Future potential of imported coal in Pakistan • Existing demand for imported coal • Expected future demand for imported coal

Shahrukh Khan.pdf

Indigenous coal for Power Stations – Thar Coalfield • Completed Feasibility Study to Bankable Level • Partnered with World Class Chinese Energy Group • Aim to Stage Develop Integrated Coal Mining and Power Plant in 2015

Manoj Nagvekar.pdf

Clean & sustainable utilization of Pakistan’s coal through technology innovation • Recent innovations in KBR coal technology – How much has been proved and how do these differ from alternative technologies? • What do KBR technology innovations mean for low rank coal utilisation e.g. in Pakistan? • Case study examples of KBR technology use and outline of economics

Eogham Cunningham.pdf

Table 5: Coal Indices for traders in the Middle East

Pietro De Michieli.pdf

Table 6: Handling of coke/anthracite, blending and transshipping

Dubai InfoPack.pdf