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Dato’ Mohd Nazri Bin Shahruddin

Vice President – Energy Ventures
Tenaga Nasional Berhard

Dato' Nazri joined the National Electricity Board (NEB) on 1 September 1979 upon completion of his studies in the UK as a fully sponsored scholar of NEB. Dato' Nazri had served in several power stations of NEB (and later Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)) in the field of Operations and Maintenance (O&M). Later in TNB, Dato' Nazri was involved in many power plant project developments, most notable was the development, construction and commissioning of the 3 x 700 MW coal fired Sultan Azlan Shah Power Station in Manjung, Perak. Subsequent to this, Dato' Nazri was heading a bidding team from TNB, Khazanah Nasional and Malakoff which, in association with a private firm of Saudi Arabia, that had won the bid to develop, construct and own a combined Power and Water Facility of 900 MW and 880,000 m3/day seawater desalination project at Shuaibah, Saudi Arabia as the first Independent Water and Power Producer (IWPP) project in the Kingdom. Dato' Nazri was eventually based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for a period of 3 years to complete the project, which was wholly project financed, with a total cost of RM9.6 billion Ringgit Malaysia. The Plant is now supplying water and electricity to Jeddah, Taif and the holy city of Mecca through a Power and Water Purchase Agreement with the Water and Electricity Company of Saudi Arabia.In 2008, Dato' Nazri was appointed as the Vice President of the Generation Division of TNB. Generation Division is one of the core business divisions of TNB entrusted to develop, operate and maintain TNB's portfolio of power generating units. Generation Division has six (6) thermal generation assets, three (3) major hydro generation schemes in Peninsular Malaysia and one IPP operating in Pakistan. TNB is also the majority owner of 2 IPPs, Kapar Energy Venture (KEV) that owns and operates 2,420 MW multi fuel power stations and 2,070 MW Coal Fired Sultan Azlan Shah Power Station (SJSAS), Manjung. The six thermal power stations are made up of conventional gas and oil fired plants as well as open and combined cycle gas turbine plants. Later, Dato' Nazri was assigned as the Vice President of the New Business & Major Projects (the name was later changed to Energy Ventures) of TNB, a new Division which was set up in September 2012. This Division is targeted to implement breakthrough strategies on expansion of power related global business and streamlining of investment vehicles, and processes for overseas expansion as well as major projects at domestic level.

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