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Agenda Overview

Day One – Tuesday 5 November 2013

08:00 Registration and welcome coffee

09:00 Welcome and opening remarks

            Henry Hely Hutchinson
, Managing Director, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd

Session One: Keynotes

09:05 Chair's opening remarks

             Bart Lucarelli, President, Roleva Energy

09:10 ASEANs growing demand for power - What are the options?

  • Global overview of the energy markets and how shale gas is changing the shape of the market
  • The future of coal within this context - Can we believe the forecasts?
  • Understanding the position of ASEAN and their power requirements - Is coal the most competitive option?

    Sharad Apte, Managing Partner Thailand, Bain & Company

09:30 The future for Indonesian mid-CV and low rank coal 2013-2030

  • Future energy requirements in Asia
  • Challenges in Asia’s energy mix to 2030
  • Projections for the fuel mix in this time frame

    Neil Little, Senior Marketing Manager; Rodrigo Echeverri, General Manager Regional Marketing, PT Adaro Indonesia

09:50 Governments and power markets - How can they work together to the benefit of a country?

  • Understanding the markets in which Government subsidies remain a necessity
  • Developing efficiently managed electricity markets within this set up
  • What impact do these scenarios have on the demand for coal and coal prices?

10:10 Questions and discussion

10:30 Networking refreshment break

Session 2: Myanmar - Understanding the opportunities

11:00 Chair’s opening remarks

           Margaret Bridges, Executive Director, Discovery Mining Services

11:05 Myanmar – The new frontier

  • Overview of the coal reserves in Myanmar – Analysis of quantities and qualities
  • Future plans for more detailed mapping of reserves and resources
  • Government policy for development of coal operations

    Dr Ye Myint Swe, Director General, Department of Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration, Ministry of Mines, Myanmar

11:25 Panel discussion

As Myanmar introduces a new Foreign Direct Investment law to make it an appealing location for investing, this session will analyse how the coal and power industries can have a role in changing the face of this exciting market. With input from a range of policy makers and investors with extensive experience of doing business in Myanmar, this session promises to offer detailed insights into the following:

  • Updates on the latest policies associated with mining and energy generation
  • New FDI law and how it is designed to welcome foreign investment
  • Overview of the country's coal qualities and quantities
  • Experiences of doing business in Myanmar to date
  • Overview of the country's logistical challenges and how they are starting to be addressed
  • The opportunities - How to get involved in Myanmar's development

James Finch, Partner, Managing Director Myanmar, DFDL
Wai Min Phyo, Executive Director, Tun Thwin Mining Company Ltd
Jeremy Kloiser-Jones, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bagan Capital
Khin Maung Han, Chairman, Future Engineering Group

12:30 Networking refreshment lunch

Session 3: Achieving aggressive growth targets in Malaysia

14:00 Chair's opening remarks

14:05 10,000MW to 20,000MW: How does Malaysia expect to meet these targets?

  • Overview of existing market conditions and expected growth in power consumption
  • Latest policies enabling the future development of coal fired power plants - What are the stipulations?
  • Adoption of coal fired power plants while maintaining the reductions in carbon emissions set by the Kyoto Protocol

    Senior Representative, Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA), Government of Malaysia

14:25 Operating a coal fired power plant in Malaysia

  • Current challenges faced by the operators as they source the coals
  • Maintaining the efficiency of the plants operations to ensure they can meet current demand
  • Securing financing for the expansion of projects - How easily is this achieve

Azhari Sulaiman, Senior Vice President, Malakoff Corporation Berhad

14:45 Supplying coal to Malaysia

  • Strategies for ensuring the quantities of coal are available to meet Malaysia's demands
  • Managing the relationship between Indonesia’s domestic demand and exports
  • Introduction of new regulation in Indonesia and the impact on coal production

15:05 Questions and discussion

15:15 Networking refreshment break

Session 4: Increased demand driving coal production - What is the correlation in the Philippines?

15:45 Chair's opening remarks

            Arnulfo A. Robles, Executive Director, Philippine Chamber of Coal Mines

15:50 Giving coal fired power plants the chance to support growth in the Philippines

  • Current Government energy policy and coal's position as a principal fuel source
  • Overview of power plant projects being brought on stream in the next 5 years
  •  Impact of privatising the power markets in the Philippines

    Ramon Allan Oca, Undersecretary, Department of Energy, Philippines

16:10 Coal mining in the Philippines - Understanding the reserves

  • Overview of Philippines' coal reserves and resources - Where are the key regions and how do they compare to other coal producing countries?
  • Challenges of operating coal mines within the Philippines
  • What is required to enable further growth of this market?

16:30 Panel discussion

As trends change as to the qualities of coal that the Filipino coal buyers purchase, this panel will explore what impact this has on the relationship between the buyers and suppliers. We are delighted to be joined by representatives from both the supply side and buy side who will provide insights into what they can provide, how demand for coals are changing and what the future outlook is for preferred coal qualities.

         Elisa L. Dayao, Senior Vice President for Corporate and Administrative Services, Global Business Power Corporation
         Nicholaas Oroh, Chief Marketing Officer, PT Artha Sumatera Energi

17:30 Close of day one

18:00 Networking evening reception sponsored by

Day Two - Wednesday 6 November 2013

08:30 Morning coffee

09:00 Opening remarks

         Louisa Pratt, Conference Manager, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd

09:05 Meeting South East Asia’s coal requirements

  • Challenges faced by the region when sourcing coal – how do these compare to securing other sources of energy?
  • Availability of sub-bituminous coals – is south east Asia’s focus on these coals providing a competitive advantage?
  • Managing price and volume risk – lessons from other markets

    Jim Nicholson, Senior Vice President Asia, Argus Media

Session 5: Thailand - Investing domestically and overseas

09:25 Chair's opening remarks

09:30 Securing financing when developing projects overseas

  • Evidence of understanding the coal markets and its requirements
  • Project finance or corporate finance - Having the necessary securities in the investment
  • Working in co-operation with the commercial banks to support Thai companies investing in coal assets overseas

    Chris Osborne, Partner, Watson, Farley & Williams (Thailand) Ltd

09:50 The new power development plan - Available options to meet growing energy demand

  • Update on the country's energy requirements and strategy to ensure they are met
  • Current breakdown of energy production
  • Can coal expect a future in Thailand in the future?

10:10 Investing overseas to secure energy supply -The case study

  • Key drivers when deciding which market in which to invest
  • Significance of coal within the growth of Thailand - Making it work
  • Examples of investments made and analysis of determining who are the right partners

10:30 Questions and discussion

10:45 Networking refreshment break

Session 6: Overcoming the challenges to meet the demand - Vietnam's next move

11:15 Chair's opening remarks

11:20 Vietnam's most recent power plan and how the targets will be reached

  • Strategy for managing Vietnam's electricity markets - Balancing supply with demand at the right price
  • Government's perspective on coal fired power plants - How many are expected to be brought on line in the next two years?
  • Prospects for working even more closely with Vinacomin to use domestic coal supplies efficiently

    Duong Quang Thanh, Vice President, Vietnam Electricity (EVN)

11:40 Domestic coal reserves and the outlook for their production

  • Ratio of coal produced for domestic purposes or exported - What is the trend moving forward?
  • Analysis of quantities and qualities of coal that continue to be available in Vietnam
  • Challenges of managing operating costs - What are the key factors pushing production costs up?

    Dinh Quang Trung, General Manager, Import-Export Division, Vinacomin

12:00 Developing a coal fired power plant in Vietnam - Challenges faced

  • Overcoming the environmental concerns and logistical constraints to install the coal fired power plant
  • Securing domestic and international coal supplies to meet demand - Preferred qualities and quantities
  • Managing the logistics - Ensuring the ports can handle the import of dry bulk

12:20 Questions and discussion

12:30 Networking lunch

Session 7: Supporting ASEAN growth - Developing coal fired power plants in Laos and Cambodia

14:00 Chair's opening remarks

14:05 Panel discussion

Throughout Laos and Cambodia, coal mining occurs to support mine mouth coal fired power plants. With the quality of coals perceived to be of low rank, managing efficiencies are most critical to developing successful projects within these countries. This discussion will include participation from individuals with experience of developing power plants in Laos and Cambodia as well as those who will analyse exactly what quality coals justify mining for mine mouth power plant purposes. Furthermore it will explore the aptitude of banks to finance such projects.

             Mazlan bin Abdullah, Cambodia Energy Limited
             Xaypaseuth Phomsoupha, Director General, Department of Energy Business, Ministry of Energy and Mines, Laos

15:00 Networking refreshment break

Session 8: Overcoming logistical challenges of transporting coal in this region

15:30 Chair's opening remarks

             Patrick Jourdain, General Manager, LD Ports and Logistics (Asia)

15:35 Creating a reference for freight rates within the ASEAN region

  • Overview of global freight rates and impact on freight throughout the ASEAN region
  • Introduction of 'eco-ships’ - Can they change the direction of the market?
  • Availability of Supramax versus Panamax - How do these markets compare?

    Sverre B Svenning, Director of Research & Consultancy, Fearnleys Consultants A/S

15:55 Developing barging technology to be a more competitive means of transportation

  • Increasing the range of markets accommodated by barges
  • Reducing the exposure to additional water absorption
  • Removing the concern of losing a sizeable percentage of cargo en route

16:15 Ensuring the port can support the coal fired power plant

  • Maintaining existing equipment - Ideal scheduling for maintenance
  • Overview of the current state of the art equipment in the market - How it can change the efficiency of an operation?
  • Financing the introduction of new equipment into a coal port

16:35 Questions and discussion

16:45 Closing remarks

17:00 Close of day two