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Agenda Overview

DAY ONE – Monday 12 August 2013 07:30 Registration & coffee 08:20 Welcome & opening remarks

Ellie Saklatvala, Conference Producer, Coaltrans Conferences Limited

SESSION 1: OPENING KEYNOTES 08:30 Chair’s opening remarks

Chair: Stephen Galilee, Chief Executive Officer, NSW Minerals Council

08:40 Maintaining coal’s position as a key pillar in Queensland’s economic growth

• The importance of the mining sector in maintaining Queensland’s economic growth

• Attracting and driving investment into coal projects

• Amidst the rising cost curve, how does Australia’s coal sector need to adapt in order remain profitable whilst continuing to create job opportunities and stimulate local economic growth?

Honourable Andrew Cripps MP

, Minister for Natural Resources and Mines

09:00 Economic outlook for Australian coal growth

• Long and short-term outlook for Australian coal export earnings – Impact of coal prices and the Australian dollar on revenue

• Strategies to increase coal and iron ore exports over 2013-2018

• Prospects for raising financing

Wayne Calder, Deputy Executive Director, Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics, Department of Resources Energy and Tourism

09:20 Evaluating current prospects for the growth of Australian coal

• Increasing productivity amidst the rising cost curve

• Development of the skills shortage – Long-term implications

• Long-term outlook for Australian coal growth

Michael Roche, Chief Executive, Queensland Resources Council

09:40 Policy priorities for maintaining Australia’s competitive position in coal

• In a climate of cost-cutting and maximising efficiency, how are environmental and community concerns being balanced?

• How is Australia’s current regulatory environment continuing to impact on coal industry growth?

• Resource taxation – Where are we now? The road ahead for structural economic measures

Greg Sullivan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Australian Coal Association

10:00 Key challenges in developing Australian infrastructure

• Overview of progress since acquiring the Abbott Point Coal Terminal

• New opportunities at Dudgeon Point – Potential and future prospects

• Strategies for maintaining progress in the current climate

Harsh Mishra, Group President – International Business, Adani Group

10:20 Questions and discussion

10:40 Networking refreshment break

SESSION 2: Global dynamics – Key trends
11:10 Chair’s opening remarks

Chair : Bede Boyle, Chairman,

AustCoal Consulting Alliance 11:20 Coal pricing outlook – Significance of changing trends for Australia • Key pricing trends over the past 12 months – Where are we now? • As the coal industry continues to deal with low coal prices, is there reason to expect an upturn as we look ahead to 2014? • Impact of changing global coal supply trends and prices on Australia’s competitive position in the export markets

James O’Connell, Editor-in-Chief, Coal, Platts

11:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: How is the development of alternative power sources impacting on Asia Pacific coal markets?

• Pushing forward in Australian UCG and CTL developments

• Impact of Asian gas project development on regional coal growth

• Short and long-term impact of shale gas on US coal exporting dynamics

• Progress in Karoo shale and Mozambican offshore gas – Significance for regional coal dynamics


Joseph Sharad Apte, Managing Partner Thailand, Bain & Company Thailand, Inc.

John T. Boyd II, President and Chief Executive Officer, John T. Boyd Company

Peter Bond, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Linc Energy Ltd

12:30 Networking lunch

SESSION 3: Global dynamics – Buyers’ market

14:00 Chair’s opening remarks

Chair: Gary Cochrane, Managing Director, Resource Management International Pty Ltd

14:10 Driving growth in China’s coal sector – What does this mean for Australia?

• Key trends in China’s coal sector over the past 12 months – Likely scenarios for the coming year

• How have market conditions impacted upon China’s strategies for securing coal imports?

• Outlook for Australia’s ongoing role as a key supplier of Chinese coal imports

Ian Roper, Commodity Strategist,

CLSA 14:30 Charting the growth of India’s thermal coal demand • Key trends and developments in the growth of India’s power sector – Assessing the current thermal coal deficit • What new innovations and strategies is India exploring in order to secure sufficient thermal coal supply? • How attractive is Australian coal to the Indian buyer at present?

Prashant Goyal, Director,

OPG Power Generation 14:50 Outlook for Australia's role in Korea's coal sector

• Looking to 2020 - Key trends in Korea's power, and outlook for coal import demands • Taking stock of Korean's current coal importing levels - What

role does Australia play in this mix? • What does the future hold for Korea's relationship with Australian coal? Acquisition and investment

Yong-Jae Lee, Vice President,

KOSEP 15:10 Developing vital links with Japan’s coal sector • Projections for Japan’s coal import demands – Short and long-term

• With Japan maintaining its position as the single largest buyer of Australian black coal exports, what are the key

factors shaping Australia’s valuable relationship with the Japanese market? • Challenges Australian coal producers are facing

Yutaka Endo, Executive Director - Marketing, Idemitsu Australia Resources Pty Ltd

15:30 How are evolving trading conditions impacting on Australian coal? -

Assessing the growing role of indices – Impact of the development of API 5 Hedging risk – Key strategies for Australia’s coal producers

Erlend Engelstad, Vice President – Business Development Asia, Marex Spectron

15:50 Questions and discussion 16:10 Networking break

SESSION 4: Global dynamics – Competition in the export markets

16:40 Chair’s opening remarks

Chair: Jim Nicholson, Vice President Asia, Argus Media Ltd

17:00 How are infrastructure developments shaping prospects for US coal exports?

• Taking stock of recent developments and progress – Ports and rail connectivity

• Impact of transport and freight costs on the viability of US coal exports into the Asia Pacific market

Michael Mewing, Executive Director, Ambre Energy

17:20 Emerging sources of supply – Impact on Asia Pacific coal

• Impact of government policy on Mongolian coal progress

• Mozambique and Botswana – Short and long-term export potential

• Are substantial US coal exports to Asia feasible on a long-term basis? Impact on regional dynamics

Michael Dixon, General Manager, AME Group

17:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: Comparative dynamics – How competitive is Australian coal in the global markets?

• Taking stock of Australia’s current position in the export markets – What impact are domestic conditions having?

• Impact of pricing dynamics

• How do emerging producing markets stand to impact on Australian seaborne share?

• Assessing the longevity of America’s role as a supplier to Asian markets

Panellists to also include:

Angus Blackwood, Partner, Ernst & Young

18:10 End of Day One

18:30 Networking Evening Reception

DAY TWO – Tuesday 13 August 2013

08:00 Registration & coffee

08:50 Opening remarks

Ellie Saklatvala, Conference Producer, Coaltrans Conferences Limited

SESSION 5: Impact of domestic dynamics on project development

09:00 Chair’s opening remarks

Chair: Gary Cochrane, Managing Director, Resource Management International Pty Ltd

09:10 Addressing the Cost-Price Squeeze on Australian Coal

• Key trends in Australia’s rising costs in 2011 & 2012

• Industry response in 2013 to manage costs

• Impact of take-or-pay rail and port contracts

• Options for further cost reduction and margin improvement

Bede Boyle, Chairman, AustCoal Consulting Alliance

09:30 Strength of the AUS$ – Impact on competitiveness of Australian coal

• Charting the strength of the AUS$ over the past 12 months

• Impact of the dollar on the economics of coal production and transportation

• Implications for the global competitiveness of Australian coal

Gordon Sparrow, Executive Director, Head of Trade Sales, Global Transactional Services, Westpac Institutional Bank

09:50 How is Australian PCI coal performing amidst current conditions?

• Outlook for production – Impact of cost constraints on strategies

• Price differentials – Whilst coking coal prices remain flat, how are trends in PCI coal prices developing?

• Assessing the current performance on Australian PCI coal in the export markets

Andrew Lawson, Managing Director, Cockatoo Coal

10:10 PANEL DISCUSSION: How are junior and mid-cap producers adapting to current industry challenges?

• Handling the rising cost curve and strong AUS$, against low coal prices

• Adapting to increase productivity and efficiency at the mine site

• Overcoming current infrastructure constraints – How have conditions changed over the past 12 months?

Panellists to also include:

Michael Gray, Managing Director, Bandanna Energy Limited

Gautam Sharma, Corporate Development Manager - Asia, Queensland Coal Corporation

10:30 Networking refreshment break

SESSION 6: Investing and raising capital

11:00 Chair’s opening remarks

Chair: Bert Koth, Director, Denham Capital

11:10 Capital raising and financing for Asia Pacific coal projects

• How much liquidity and appetite is there in the market?

• How can projects best position themselves to secure investment in the current climate?

• With many finding traditional financing routes closed, what alternative capital raising strategies are companies exploring?

Alberto Migliucci, Chief Executive Officer, Petracommodities (Singapore)

11:30 Trade and Investment Queensland and Asian investment in the Queensland coal sector

• Assessing Australia’s growing demand for foreign investment – How can Asian players capitalise on these opportunities?

• Evaluating Australia’s regulatory and business climate for overseas companies

• How can Australian coal projects best position themselves to attract overseas investment?

Jonathan Dore, A/Manager, FDI Coordination, Trade & Investment Queensland

11:50 China perspective – Investing in Australian coal assets

• What are Chinese investors looking for in an Australian coal asset?

• Evaluating Australia as a destination for coal investment

• Key strategies for entering the Australian market successfully – Risk management and mitigation

Henry (Shaoyuan) Cui, Chief Operating Officer, Chengdu Di’Ao International Investment Pty Ltd.

12:10 PANEL DISCUSSION: Investing in Australia’s coal assets – Strategies for foreign players

• When is the best time to buy? Assessing criteria

• Legal and regulatory considerations for foreign investors

• Strategies for managing risk

• What are the options? Different approaches to acquiring and developing Australian coal assets


Simon Brown, Partner, Ashurst - Australia

Jasbir Singh, Business Head – Australia and Director, Jindal Steel and Power (Australia) Ltd Pty

Dawei Zhang, Director, Sino East Minerals Ltd

12:30 Networking lunch

SESSION 7: New strategies to expand coal infrastructure

14:00 Chair’s opening remarks

Chair: Robert Milbourne, Partner, Mining and Natural Resources, Norton Rose Fulbright

14:10 PANEL DISCUSSION: Assessing key growth targets and challenges in developing coal infrastructure

• Taking stock of key port and rail project developments over the past 12 months – Queensland and New South Wales

• Future development plans and growth targets

• Prospects and strategies for raising financing for infrastructure projects

• Impact of weather conditions on the coal supply chain – How is the infrastructure sector responding?


Greg Hollands, Principal Advisor (Coal & Minerals Transport), Department of Transport and Main Roads (Queensland)

Leo Zussino, Chief Executive Officer, Gladstone Port Corporation

Dr. Don Barnett, Managing Director, Minec Pty Ltd

Dr. Robert Yeates, Chief Executive Officer, Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group

14:40 The future of the Surat Basin

Geology and opportunities within the Surat Basin Overview of ATEC Rail Group’s view on the basin, and its own projects status. Comparison with Galilee and suggestions for government Associated port challenges and opportunities

Assessing the economics of developing projects in the Surat – Market conditions and investment potential

Panellists to include:

John Balassis, Managing Director, ATEC Rail Group Limited

Robin Polson, Lead Partner - Corporate Finance Brisbane, Deloitte

Robert Thatcher, General Manager - Ports, Mitchell Group

Mark Noppe, Head of Consulting and Principal Consultant, Xstract Mining Consultants / Calibre Global

15:10 Networking refreshment break


15:40 Chair’s opening remarks

Chair: Peter Doyle, Director, SD Insight Pty Ltd

15:50 Crushing and conveying – A new mining technique for the Hunter Valley

• Taking stock of reduced productivity and deeper mining in the Hunter Valley

• Addressing community concern over the environmental impacts of current mining techniques

• How are competing land use pressures making it ever more critical to maximise resource utilisation?

• Can crushing and conveying provide a solution to these problems?

Geoff Pitkin, Principal Consultant, GPPH & Associates

16:10 Increasing mine site efficiency – What role can software play?

• How can Australia take advantage of software advances in order to maximize mine-site performance?

• From exploration to rehabilitation – Improving productivity throughout mine life

Ben Farquharson, Vice President Australia, GEOVIA, Dassault Systèmes GEOVIA Australia Pty Ltd

16:30 How are advances in software improving supply chain efficiency?

• How does Australia compare globally? Taking stock of the coal sector’s current integration of software into mining strategies

• How can new developments assist in maximising efficiency and productivity?

• Economic efficiency – Cost implications of utilising new software

Stephen Maxwell, VP – Mining Solutions, Triple Point Technology

16:50 Questions and discussion

17:10 End of Day Two