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Agenda Overview




This tour of the key sites of Berlin includes a visit to the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag (and government quarter), Museum Island, Alexanderplatz with the TV Tower, Tiergarten with the Victory Column, Potsdamer Platz, Checkpoint Charlie (former border-crossing checkpoint in the city center), urfürstendamm shopping boulevard, Zoological Gardens, and more.


Trace the history of the Berlin Wall which ran over 5.7 kilometres through the city centre. This tour from the East Side Gallery to Bernauer Strasse via Potsdamer Platz passes memorials, Berlin Wall remnants, former border watchtowers and documentary panels with photos and details of the area’s history.

1700 – 2000 Pre-Conference Registration

1800 - 2030 Welcome Reception

Join us for an Oktoberfest welcome to Germany’s capital city. The first networking opportunity of the conference will offer delegates German hospitality with live music, beers, sausages and pretzels among the refreshments. Held at the conference venue.


0700 Registration sponsored by

0800 Exhibition opens


1015 Welcome and Opening Remarks

Henry Hely Hutchinson, Managing Director, Coaltrans Conferences

1020 Chair’s opening remarks

1025 Coal’s future in supplying the global energy and steel markets

  • What are the key challenges facing the global coal industry today?
  • Outlook for China’s domestic coal market – Fulfilment of 12th five year plan and other key dynamics affecting import volumes

Dr Zhang Xiwu, Chairman of Shenhua Group, and Chairman,World Coal Association

1050 Global steel markets – Expected timescale for the industry to return to operating at full capacity

  • Potential strength in certain Asian markets like Japan and South Korea
  • Competition for raw materials – Leading suppliers and bottlenecks

Julian Steer, Group Economist, Arcelor Mittal

1115 Coal’s role in meeting Europe’s future energy supply

  • Role for coal in Europe’s energy mix based on current EU legislation.
  • Realistic prospects for advancement of new technologies to mitigate carbon emissions in coal-fi red power generation

Paweł Smolen, Vice President of the Management Board for Operations, Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA (PGE), President,EURACOAL

1140 Questions and discussion

1200 Lunch


Chair: Paul Reagan, President,Sampling Associates International LLC

1400 Balancing the market - Where next for US coal exports?

  • Status of EPA regulation, natural gas prices and other key drivers for US coal export
  • The economics – Mine efficiency and coal price dynamics

Michael Beyer, Chief Executive Officer, Foresight Energy LLC

1420 Positioning for the future – Dry bulk shipping

  • Investment in the new generation of eco-ships – Rationale in the wider ship supply context
  • How are eco-ships changing the economics of dry bulk freight
  • Coal trade and the role of fuel efficient ships in accommodating wider trade routes

Cesare D’Amico, Chief Executive Officer, D’Amico

1440 Adapting to the changing face of South Africa’s coal sector

  • Strategies for managing risk and fulfi lling opportunities of operating in the South African market
  • Bringing coal to market – Update on transport infrastructure development

Sipho Nkosi, Chief Executive Offi cer, Exxaro

1500 Tanzania – Africa’s new frontier in coal supply

  • Progress to date in developing Tanzania’s coal mining and coal-fired power development
  • A look at China’s single largest investment project in East Africa

Gideon Nasari, Managing Director of National Development Corporation; Director, Intra Energy Corporation Limited;  Chairman, Tancoal Energy Limited

1520 Questions and discussion

Networking breaks and refreshments sponsored by

1400 - 1520

EXCLUSIVE Day One Workshop: Marex Spectron

  • New Instruments and Opportunities in Physical and Financial Risk Management
  • Different ways to trade coal derivatives – Over-the-counter or through exchanges
  • Developments in coking coal
  • Case study examples and snapshot of trading screen

Workshop leaders:

Ola Strand Andersen, Managing Director, Marex Spectron Asia Pte Ltd
Erlend Engelstad, Vice President - Business Development, Marex Spectron Asia Pte Ltd

Places are limited.


1605 International investor perspective – Opportunities in Australia and India’s coal demand timebomb

  • Opening up the Galilee basin and driving associated large scale port and rail infrastructure – Challenges and timeframe
  • How important is fuel security and the ability to source international supply to India’s energy growth?

G V Sanjay Reddy, Vice-Chairman, GVK

1625 Is the bubble about to burst? Australia’s competitive position in global coal supply

  • Production challenges – Rising production costs, regulatory pressures and tax
  • Interplay between strength of $AUS, take or pay contracts, and production volumes on competitive supply position
  • Current status and viability at projected prices
  • What is the future for Australia’s coal sector?

Michael Roche, Chief Executive, Queensland Resources Council

1645 The future role coal in the German Energy Revolution: “Energiewende”

  • Role of coal in Germany’s energy mix to 2030
  • What infrastructure is needed for the success of the “Energiewende”?

Hildegard Müller, Chairman of the Management Board, BDEW (German Association of Energy and Water Industries)

1715 Questions and Discussion


Main Evening Networking Reception

Main Evening Networking Reception, Classic Remise, Berlin. Set in the memorable venue of Classic Remise Berlin, a classic car centre, delegates will enjoy drinks and a top quality food selection surrounded by vintage and luxury cars. Private



0930 Chair’s opening remarks

0935 Driving effi ciency and integration in Europe’s electricity market

  • With an estimated 45% of Europe’s power plants to be renewable based by 2020, how is renewable energy shaping electricity prices? Role of coal in supporting variable renewable energy generation
  • Developments in grid integration. Role for decentralised storage in the electricity grid

Hans ten Berge, Secretary-General, EURELECTRIC

0950 The shale gas revolution – Is Europe next?

  • Application for shale gas development in Europe.
  • How is unconventional gas exploitation impacting on international energy security dynamics
  • Investor incentives and regional economic viability of production

Dr. Frank Umbach, Associate Director, European Centre for Energy and Resource Security (EUCERS)

1005 Regulatory perspective: Will legislation allow coal to have a future?

  • How do the regulators view the future of coal in Europe’s energy mix?
  • What are the alternatives to coal and where will investment come from?
  • What is the outlook for the EU ETS post 2013?

Dr. Pierre Dechamps, Advisor to President Barroso, European Commission

1020 Exploring the scenarios for global energy supply up to 2050

  • Key Findings – World Energy Council Scenarios to 2050
  • Coal, CCS and CO2 emissions in context: Global vs European trends
  • Practical and achievable steps for reducing carbon emissions and CCS – Where does this leave coal-fired power in meeting current carbon emission targets?

Dan A. Rieser, Deputy Director - Scenarios, World Energy Council (WEC)

1040 Potential for accelerating the shift from coal to natural gas? An examination of relative operating costs for US coal and gas plants

  • Scenarios for EPA regulation and thresholds
  • Key contributing factors and variables in plant operating costs
  • Tradeoffs in employment between the coal and natural gas industry in the US

Lincoln Pratson, Professor of Energy & Environment, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University

1055 Questions and Discussion

1100 Networking Refreshment Break


Chair: Jim Lennon, Chairman, Commodities Research, Maquarie Capital Securities Ltd

0930 Chair’s opening remarks

0940 Metallurgical coal pricing dynamics and the European steel market - Is there common ground?

  • Metallurgical coking coal, and steel pricing dynamics
  • Importance for end-users and coal producers in determining a common long term consensus for metallurgical coal and steel demand outlook
  • How are steel producers diversifying sources of coking coal supply?

Margriet Nip, Manager, Coal Procurement Tata Steel Group

1000 Canada – A competitor in the metcoal markets

  • Positioning Canada’s metcoal exports globally
  • Key markets for development and growth
  • Spot market vs long term contract dynamics

Ian Kilgour, Senior Vice President Coal, Teck Resources Ltd

1020 Panelists:

Vera Blei, Editor, Steel First

Felipe de la Vega, Director, Trenaco

1100 Networking Refreshment Break


Chair: Martin Christie, Executive Director, Bettercoal

1130 Chair’s opening remarks

Panel Discussion:

  • What are the key challenges facing Europe’s thermal coal buyers?
  • Adapting blending strategies to increasingly diversified supply sources
  • Strategies around executing price risk management
  • Coal vs gas – How long before the price gap narrows and gas competition is restored in the European market?
  • Building a sustainable coal industry – The increasing pressure towards due diligence in coal sourcing


Bas Hennissen, Vice President Industry and Bulk Cargo Business, Port of Rotterdam
Mauro Montenero. Head of Coal. Enel Trade S.p.A
Stephen Asplin, Managing Director, Vattenfall Energy Trading
Howard Gatiss, CEO, CMC – Coal Marketing Company Ltd.


Chair: Bill Simes, Director, SD Insight

Co-chair: Dr. Lars Schernikau, Board Member, IchorCoal (distributed by HMS Bergbau)

1130 Chairs’ opening remarks Panel discussion

  • Asia’s coal boom – Will China and India fulfil estimated coal demand growth?
  • Indonesia’s mining regulation and domestic power generation needs – Impact on export potential
  • Investor appetite and availability of project finance • At what prices will large scale projects in Australia and Asia again become economically viable?


Ahmed Buhari, Chief Executive Officer, Coal & Oil Group
Zenny Tran, Coal Team Leader, Ginga Petroleum
James O’Connell, Editor in Chief, Platts

1230 Lunch


Chair: Trevor Sikorski, Head of Natural Gas, Coal and Carbon Research, Energy Aspects

Co-chair: Jörn Higgen, Head of Fundamental Analysis, E.ON Global Commodities SE

1400 Introductory presentation: What can the industry learn from coal price volatility over the past ten years?

  • What have been the key infl uences on coal prices in the past decade?
  • To what extent have prices been dictated by supply and demand dynamics vs. competition from other fuel sources?
  • What impact have global or unexpected events had on pricing?

Trevor Sikorski, Head of Natural Gas, Coal and Carbon Research at Energy Aspects

Jörn Higgen, Head of Fundamental Analysis, E.ON Global Commodities

1420 Turkey – The role of coal in energy security

  • Role for coal-fi red power in meeting incremental electricity demand growth
  • Minimising dependence on gas imports
  • Development of Turkey’s domestic lignite reserves
  • Investor incentives in coal-fi red power generation

Levent Özcan Caner, Strategy Department, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey

1440 Panel discussion:

  • Evolving thermal coal trade fl ow patterns: key drivers that will influence the midterm outlook
  • Upward pressure? How is demand from Asia affecting European coal prices?
  • Hedging against price risk and increasing liquidity of trades on API2 as a result of increased US exports
  • Outlook for price reporting methodologies
  • Assessing the equilibrium between pricing and ramp up of mine supply
  • How are increasing production costs e.g. Russia and South Africa affecting trade fl ow trends?
  • A structural vs cyclical shift in thermal coal supply? Investor appetite for thermal coal projects


Emily Medine, Senior Associate, Energy Ventures Analysis
Dr. Peter Dormann, Senior Coal Trader, Freepoint Commodities Europe LLP
Dr. Lars Schernikau, Board Member, IchorCoal (distributed by HMS Bergbau)
Xavier De Vos, Director Coal Sales and Origination, Mercuria Energy Trading


1400 Germany: Is it possible to deliver cheap and environmentally sustainable power within existing regulations?

  • What is the status of coal-fi red power plants in Germany? Is coal the only future?
  • Balancing the books – How cost effective is coal compared to other fuel sources?
  • How can Germany generate ‘clean’ power into the future?

Dr. Ing. Wolfgang Cieslik, Member of the Management Board,

STEAG GmbH, and Chairman, Verein der Kohlenimporteure e.V. (German Coal Importer Association)

1420 Utility perspective – Challenges facing Germany’s coal fi red power sector

Dirk Keller, Coal & Emissions, EnBW Trading GmbH

1440 Panel discussion:

  • What role do hard coal and lignite have to play in fuelling Germany’s energy share?
  • Economical coal production – Will private investment fill the gap for mine funding when subsidies end in 2018?
  • Development of a market design that supports both coal and renewables without subsidies
  • Is natural gas the only natural partner for renewable energy baseload?
  • Germany’s new power generating capacity vs retirement
  • Coal supply opportunities for fulfi lling Germany’s import needs
  • Regulatory environment and impact on investment – What is the argument for pricing around capacity?
  • Role of ultrasupercritical coal plants in underwriting renewable energy share growth


George Milojcic, Chairman, German Brown Coal Association
Professor Dr. Franz-Josef Wodopia, Chief Executive, German Coal Association (GVSt)
Professor Dr. Georg Erdmann, Professor for Energy Systems, Institute for Energy Technologies


European production still accounts for 60% of the total coal supply in the EU. In this session key European utilities, coal producers and industry bodies discuss the key challenges facing coal’s continuing role in the European energy mix. The Large Combustion Plants Directive, as well as the ending of state subsidies to European hard coal production by 2018, are forcing many industry players to evaluate their business strategy. What is the future for coal in Europe, and how is EU regulatory framework set to implement its goal of a low carbon Europe?

Chair: Brian Ricketts, Secretary General, EURACOAL

Co-chair: Nigel Yaxley, Managing Director, CoalImp (Association of UK Coal Importers)

1600 Chairs’ opening remarks

1610 Introductory presentation – Future for coal-fired power in Europe

Peter Ramsay, Managing Editor – Generating Fuels, Argus

1630 Investor perspective – Poland’s Lublin Coal Project

  • A brief overview of European hard coal production – History and prospects
  • Lublin Coal Project – Background
  • History of the Lublin Coal Basin, Acquisition rationale, project studies and timescale for development
  • Target markets
  • Managing regulatory risk and investment

Benjamin Stoikovich, CEO Prairie Downs Metals, PD Co Lublin Coal Project

1650 Panel discussion:

  • EU energy regulatory framework
  • Carbon Capture Storage – Myth or reality?
  • Implementation of a functioning emissions trading scheme
  • Outlook for Spain and Italy’s coal fi red power sectors – Economics of investment in reducing emissions vs closing plants
  • Industrial Emissions Directive and probable resulting retirement of around 15 GW of coal-fired generation capacity by 2015, with a further additional loss of 20 GW by the early 2020s – driving nearly 60% of existing coal-fired capacity
  • Regional coal production – Scenarios for greater production of domestic EU coal supply and economic viability


Alan Svoboda, Executive Director Sales and Trading, CEZ Group
Philip Garner, Director General, Confederation of UK Coal Producers
Alan Haigh, Head of Unit - Research Fund for Coal & Steel, European Commission - DG Research & Innovation G5


1600 Chair’s opening remarks

1610 The dry bulk shipping market – Navigating troubled waters

  • Outlook for freight rates 2013 onwards
  • How are rates adapting to key swing factors in the market?
  • Scrapping volumes and availability of scrapping facilities
  • To what extent is iron ore picking up excess capacity?
  • Is the new-building order book finally under control?

John Kearsey, Head of Consultancy and Research, SSY

1630 Continuing North American coal exports via the Northern Corridor

  • Evaluating the role of the route in providing time sensitive coal supply
  • Improvements made within supply chain to be competitive
  • Capacity throughout route to accommodate and load Capesize cargoes

Geoff Lemont, Vice President - St Lawrence Stevedoring, Quebec Stevedoring Group

1650 Panel discussion:

  • Impact of eco-ships on dry bulk shipping recovery
  • Role of fuel efficiency in investment prospects – Are new builds vs second hand really a smart buy?
  • Myth vs reality – Are fuel efficient ships really that fuel efficient?
  • Bunker fuel and upgrading to 2010 spec – Role in freight dynamics
  • Assessing the viability of the North Sea Route
  • Legislative considerations and outlook for emissions taxation – What does this mean for ship-owners?
  • Hedging against capesize prices – Trade in iron ore futures
  • Cargoes driven onto land


Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst, BIMCO
Philippe Van Den Abeele, Managing Director, Castalia Fund Management Limited

1730 Close of conference


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