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Event Overview

Coaltrans Poland 2013 participants:

Agencja Rozwoju Przemyslu
Anchor Agents & Shipbrokers Sp z o.o.
Antwerp Bulk Terminal  NV
ArcelorMittal Poland
Argus Media Group
Balta SA
Baltcoal Company Limited
Barter SA
Bloomberg Poland Sp. Zoo
Bulk Trading S.A
Carbo Holding Sp. z o.o.
Carbon GmbH
Central Mining Institute
Chemicals Sp. z o.o
Citi Handlowy
Coalimex Group
CTL Logistics
Czech Coal a.s.
Dalkia Polska SA
DB Schenker Rail Polska
DEBRIV- German Brown Coal Association
Deloitte Audyt Sp.z.o.o
Deloitte Doradztwo Podatkower Sp.z.o.o
DV Oil and Gas Production Company
EDF Paliwa SP. Z.O.O.
EDF Trading
EDW Polska Sp Z.O.O
Energa SA
Energy Investment Company
EURACOAL (European Association for Coal and Lignite)
European Parliament
Express Slovakia "Medzinarodna preprava a.s."

FCC Franke Coal - Trading International
Freightliner Ltd
Freightliner PL Sp. Zo.O.
GDF Suez Energia Polska S.A.
GODEFROID Coal Marketing & Shipping GmbH
Górazdze Cement S.A.
Govcrest International Srl
Hanseatic Coal & Coke Trading GmbH
Hanseatic Coal & Coke Trading Polska Sp. z.o.o.
HeidelbergCement AG
ICAP Shipping International Limited
IchorCoal N.V. (distributed by HMS)
Incolab Services BV
Incolab Services Polska
Incolab Services Russia
Industrial Quimica del Nalon, SA
Inspectorate International Ltd
Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal
Jastrzebska Coal Company
Jellinbach Ressources
Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Wiktoria Korkuc
Katowice Coal Company
Katowicki Holding Weglowy SA
Kimex A.S.
Kompania Weglowa SA
Kopex SA
KTK Polska Ltd
Lhoist S.A.
LS Poland Sp. z.o.o.
Metalimex A S
Ministry of Economy
MIR Trade
MTMG – Morski Terminal Masowy Gdynia Sp. z o.o.

Nalco Mobotec Polska

OAO Kuzbaska Topliwna Company
OKD a.s
PAK KWB Konin S.A.
PAUL WURTH Umwelttechnik GmbH
PD Co. Sp. z o.o.
PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna Spólka Akcyjna
PGNiG Termika S.A
PHU Weglohut SJ. E. Hoppe-Polak, G. Polak
PKP Cargo S.A.
Polbrand LLC
Polchar Sp. z o.o.
Polish Power Exchange
Polish Steel Association
Polski Koks S.A.
Port Handlowy Swinoujscie s.p. z.o.o
Potudniowy Koncern Weglowy
Prairie Downs Metals Ltd.
Preston Investment Ltd. S.A.
PUH Agrostop Sp. Z.o.o
RecyCoal Ltd
Russian Coal Company
SE Giprokoks
SGS Beograd Ltd
SGS Polska
SGS Polska Sp. z o.o.
Skladywegla. pl sp z.o.
SUEK Polska Sp z.o.o
TELF B&T UK Limited
Terval SA
TTK Kuzbass LLC
Unicoal AG
United Energy Coal Trading Polska / UECT a.s. Polska
Vattenfall Europe Mining AG
Voestalpine Rohstoffbeschaffungs GmbH
Walbrzyskie Zaklady Koksownicze "Victoria" S.A.
Weglokoks SA
Weglopol sp. z.o.o.
World Coal Association
Zaklad Wzbogacania Wegla Julian

(correct as of 11 March 2013)

Coaltrans is delighted to announce a new conference to our portfolio – Coaltrans Poland. As Poland has started the privatization process of its coal mines and has a timeline in place for the next stages, Coaltrans Poland will look at what impact this is going to have on the European Union’s largest coal producer.

As Poland continues to face pressure from the European Commission to reduce their dependency on coal, the conference will focus on how the domestic coal industry and power producers can continue to remain competitive within the drive to create a low carbon environment. While the coal mining companies develop strategies to ensure that they maximize the coal resources they have available and domestic demand for coal remains strong, new technologies and equipment are playing a significant role in determining the future success of the country’s coal industry.

Coaltrans is delighted to be working closely with Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa S.A. and PolskiKoks to make this a very informative event and a unique opportunity to understand exactly what Poland’s coal future holds in the context of international coal markets.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Tomasz Tomczykiewicz - Secretary of State, Ministryof Economy
  • Joanna Strzelec-Łobodzińska - President, Kompania Weglowa
  • Roman Loj - President, Katowicki Holding Weglowy
  • Jerzy Podsiadlo - Chief Executive Officer, Weglokoks
  • Piotr Matuszak - President of the Management Board, KTK Polska Sp. z.o.o
  • Konstantin Skorik - European Business Development Director, Freightliner
  • Marta Jarno - Director – Market Analysis Department, Polski Koks S.A.
  • Aleksander Sobolewski - Research and Development Deputy Director, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal
  • Surojit Kumar Ghosh - Director of Commercial and Corporate Affairs, ArcelorMittal Poland
  • George Milojcic - Chairman, German Brown Coal Association
  • Lubos Pavlas - Board of Directors Vice Chairman and CEO, Czech Coal A.S.
  • Josef Dubinski - General Director, Central Mining Institute
  • Krzysztof Stanczyk - Professor, Central Mining Institute
  • Alex Nielsen - President, Polchar Sp. z.o.o




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