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Agenda Overview

Day One – 16 April, 2013

07:30     Registration & welcome refreshments

08:00     Exhibition opens

08:30     Welcome & opening remarks
                Henry Hely Hutchinson
, Managing Director, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd.
                Sun Huashan, Vice Minister, State Administration of Work Safety, P.R. China

Session 1A: Chinese and international keynotes

08:40     Chair’s opening remarks
                Bai Ran
, Director-General, National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety

08:45     An update on the 12th Five-Year Plan: Where is China heading?
Looking forward towards the 2015 deadline, hear the latest developments as China strives to achieve its aims
Li Haofeng, Deputy Director-General, Department of Coal Industry, National Energy Administration

09:00     Competing on the global coal stage: Maximizing the presence and standards of China’s mining conglomerates
- Broadening China’s reach outside of its own borders
- Positioning China as a global energy leader
Mr Wang Jinli, Vice President, China Shenhua Energy Company Limited


09:15     Confronting challenges in the world of coal, expanding market presence, striving for sustainable development
- Understanding the impact of increased production and labour costs on domestic coal production
- Understanding the impact of increased costs as one moves further down the supply chain
Zhang Youxi, Chair of the Board, Datong Coal Mine Group

09:30     Consolidation and reorganization of the coal industry and its impact on the international development strategy of Chinese coal enterprises
Bu Changsen,
Chairman of the Board, Shandong Energy Group

09:45     Mergers and reorganization in China’s coal industry
Ren Fuyao, Chair of the Board, Shanxi Coking Coal Group

10:00     Stimulating coal imports: China’s plan for keeping coal imports alive
- Understanding the announced US$158bn stimulus plan and its impact on coal imports
- Exploring China’s future energy mix: will there be displacement by other fuel sources?
Wang Jinzhao, Director, Industry Policy Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC)   

10:15     Evolution of international coal markets and the role of China
- Strategies for success in a ‘maturing’ coal market

                - Identifying long run trends in supply and demand
                - The current and future place of China in the global coal market
Neil Dhar, Co-Head, Hard Commodities, Noble Group Limited


10:30     Australia’s role in China’s coal sector
Explore Australia’s positioning as a leading supplier to China’s hungry coal market
Paul Mulder, Managing Director – Coal & Infrastructure, GVK Hancock

10:45     Networking refreshment break

Session 1B: Chinese and international keynotes (cont’d)

11:15      Chair’s opening remarks             

                Richard Wilmot, Partner, Watson, Farley & Williams LLP


11:20     The impact of consolidation and reorganization of small mines on coal production
How is Shanxi Province faring in its efforts to improve safety and consolidate its mining sector?
Wu Yongping, Director General, Shanxi Bureau of Coal Industry               

11:35     Building a special financial zone in west China

-Transforming the region into an energy centre

-Leapfrog development of private coal enterprise

-Yitai Group – A case study

Zhai Deyuan, Vice General Manager, Yitai Group


11:50     Indonesia: Establishing a foothold as China’s key thermal coal supplier
- What qualities, besides price, make Indonesia an attractive supplier of coal to China?
- Ho
w are changes in Indonesian mining laws affecting exports?


12:05     Working effectively with a Chinese partner in overseas mining projects
- Benefits of having Chinese input into overseas projects
                - Opening up a new trade pipeline between South Africa and China?
                John Wallington, Chief Executive Officer, Coal of Africa Limited

12:20     Lean management of production and operation of the coal industry
Xu Jun,
Senior Vice President, Schneider Electric China

12:35     Questions & discussion

12:45     Networking lunch

Session 2: A broader perspective – Putting China into context

This interactive panel discussion returns for 2013 to consider how China is interacting on the global coal stage. Key issues for discussion include:

·        Why is China buying coal from overseas? Is it all about infrastructure constraints?

·        Analysis of 2012 import figures

·        Diversification of supply – which are the major supplying regions for China’s coal imports?

·        Economics of a swing market – how are prices into Southern China fluctuating and can you rely on regular business?

·        Do all roads still lead to China? What would happen if import levels dropped substantially in 2013-14?

Jim Nicholson, Vice President, Argus Asia


Bob Kamandanu, Chairman, Indonesian Coal Mining Association and President Director, PT. Avra Indonesia
Mark Liinamaa
, Director, Citi Investment Research & Analysis
Ian Roper, Commodities Strategist, CLSA Asia Pacific Markets
Luther Lu, Managing Director – International, Fenwei Energy Consulting

David Heap, Marketing Director, PT Harum Energy

Xu Xiaolei,  Steel Analyst,  Metal Bulletin Research

14:45     Networking refreshment break

Session 3: Thermal coal – Domestic demand and import trends

15:15     Chair’s opening remarks

                Luther Lu, Managing Director – International, Fenwei Energy Consulting


15:25     Forecasting China’s 2013 import strategy
- Analyse coal import fluctuations since China reached net import status in 2009
- Understand the importance of price and how much of a role it plays in strategy
- Impact of infrastructure on imports: If China’s infrastructure improves, will southern imports decline?
James O’Connell, Editor-in-Chief, Coal, Platts

15:45     Meeting China’s domestic energy demand
Duan Haifeng, Director, Coal Research Center of the China Energy Economics Research Center

16:05     Strategies to mitigate credit risk in coal contracts
- Ensuring the contractual performance of coal contracts
- Performance bonds, letters of credit, using exchanges
Eoghan Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer, globalCOAL

16:25     Increasing the transparency of China’s coal trading
Establishing a clear and transparent centre for coal trading in China: The launch of the
Shanxi Coal Transaction Centre
Gao Fa, Deputy Director-General, Shanxi Coal Transaction Center

Get to grips with the mindset of your market in this interactive panel discussion featuring China’s leading coal buyers. An initial presentation delivered by:
Liu Xiangdong, Director, Planning and Statistic Information Department of the China Electricity Council

- Outlook for domestic power production and coal role in power generation
- Power producers becoming coal producers: The rise of the integrated utility company as a stakeholder in the entire supply chain and how this could impact China’s domestic coal production
- Identifying key overseas regions for thermal coal supply: Which regions offer the best coal for China’s energy needs?
- The role of Chinese utilities in development plans moving forward

Followed by a panel discussion joined by the following speakers:

Wei Jianguo, General Manager, The State Grid Energy Development Co., Ltd

Zhang Yun, Vice Manager, China Huaneng Group Fuel Co., Ltd

Wang Riwen, Chief Economist & Senior Engineer, China Huadian Corporation*

Lu Jiewei, Division Chief – Department of Coal Logistics, China Power Investment Corp

Hu Jianmin, Vice-General Manager, China Huaneng Group


17:50     Close of Day one


Cement existing relationships and develop lucrative new business partnerships at our Traditional Chinese Networking banquet, giving you a truly authentic taste of the Far East.
Transportation will be provided.



Day Two – 17 April, 2013

08:15     Exhibition opens

08:55     Welcome
                Louisa Pratt, Conference Producer, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd.

09:00     The Chinese Coal Market

- Global market fundamentals

- China’s role as the world’s largest coal importer

- Balancing China’s growing coal needs

Renato Paladino, President, Arch Coal Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd


Session 4: Coking Coal Update: The Supply Perspective

09:20     Chair’s opening remarks

                Karim Awad, Head of Corporate Finance Transactions, AWR Lloyd


09:30     Moving East: Cementing the USA’s position as coking coal supplier for China
- Establishing yourself as a high-quality and reliable coking coal supplier
- Economics of moving coking coal from the USA to China
- Pricing sensitivity: Just how price reliant is this relationship?
Ernie Thrasher, CEO & Chief Marketing Officer, Xcoal Energy & Resources

09:50     Ovoot coking coal project update

-Testing the coals – What do the recent results mean for the project?

-Developing infrastructure to connect the Ovoot to its main markets

-Mongolia and China – Outlook for the future

Scott Southwood, General Manager, Marketing, Aspire Mining Limited


10:10     Russia’s role in China’s coal import strategy
- Why was there a 21% decline in Russian coking coal exports to China in 2011?
- Opening up remote Russian coal reserves: How hungry are the Chinese to buy from here?
- What are the key infrastructure challenges that need to be overcome to make these regions accessible and economic for import purposes?

10:30     Questions & discussion

10:40     Networking refreshment break

Session 5: Chinese demand for coking coal

11:10     Chair’s opening remarks
                Nigel Han, Sales Manager – China, Mechel Carbon AG

11:20     Chinese steel demand: Where are we now?
- Analyse the slowdown of China’s steel sector and recent encouraging signs of growth
- Is domestic steel demand intrinsically liked to coking coal import figures or can the two be decoupled?
- Will increased coking coal imports affect the profitability of China’s steel sector or is overcapacity still a major issue?
- China as a driver for the global steel industry
Shaun Browne, Chairman, AME Group

11:40     Pricing sensitivities for coking coal
- Understand the impact of globally lower coking coal prices on China’s coking coal import strategy
- Will we ever see highs of US$300 a ton again?
- Would increased demand from Chinese steel manufacturers have a direct effect on global coking coal prices?
Dr. Paul Butterworth, Research Manager, Steel Raw Materials and Steel Costs, CRU

We explore the changing dynamics of China’s steel sector:

-          Desirable supply regions: Where has the right quality at the right price?

-          Procurement strategies: When are they most likely to buy?

-          How much of their procurement strategy is based on price?

-          Will long-term commitments ever make their way into China’s steel sector?

Zhu Xuebin, Vice General Manager – Raw Materials Department, Raw Materials Purchasing Center, Baoshan Iron & Steel Limited
Sun Xuefeng, Chief Manager, Department of Coal Resource, Sinosteel Raw Materials Co. Ltd
Li Xinchuang, President, China Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute
Wang Yingsheng, Director, Market Research Department, China Iron & Steel Association

Yang Liulin, Manager, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Jinding Mining Pte Ltd

Prof Li Cheng, Executive President, Stainless Steel Council of China Special Steel Enterprises*


12:50     Networking lunch

Session 6: Supply Chain Logistics – Keeping China’s Coal Moving

14:20     Chair’s opening remarks
Kevin Xing, Director, BRS China

14:30     Freight markets: Pricing considerations
- Impact of both the global economic situation and China’s domestic economy on freight rates
- How much of an impact do freight rates have on coal imports?

                John Dong, Freights Marketing Manager, Sino East Minerals Ltd               


14:50     Coal and shipping-related indices
- Shipping-related indices in the context of the changing market and regulatory environment
- What this means for the business of coal
Jeremy Penn, Chief Executive, The Baltic Exchange

15:10     Moving coal around China: Domestic railway infrastructure update
- How is China attempting to debottleneck its railways and facilitate the smooth transportation of coal internally?
- What effect will improved internal infrastructure have on coal imports?
Shi Qun, Director-General, China Railway Research Center

15:30     Ports: The gateway for Chinese imports
- Port developments underway to facilitate easier entry into China for large cargoes
- Port capacity update
Wang Mingzhi, Director-General, Shanghai Combination Port Commission of the Ministry of Transport

15:50     Questions & discussion

16:00     Closing remarks
Henry Hely Hutchinson
, Managing Director, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd.
Bai Ran, Director-General, National Center for International Cooperation in Work Safety

16:10     Closing refreshments
Enjoy a final cup of coffee and a snack to cement the contacts made during the event before heading back to the office.