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Agenda Overview


0900-1400 - Complimentary Istanbul Tour - Ottoman treasures
Visit two of the most famous historical sites in Istanbul, the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace, followed by lunch.

1700-2000 - Pre-Conference Registration

1800-2030 - Welcome Reception
Join Coaltrans for the traditional World Coal Conference Welcome Reception, held in the exhibition area at the Lutfi Kirdar Congress and Exhibition Centre.


0700 Registration
0800 Exhibition opens

0900 -1400 Bazaars of Istanbul
For those who love shopping mixed with local culture. Join this tour of the two most famous markets in Istanbul, the Grand Bazaar and Spice Market, followed by lunch.


Opening Remarks
Henry Hely Hutchinson, Managing Director, Coaltrans Conferences Ltd

Introduction to the Turkish coal market
• Key challenges facing future development of Turkey’s coal industry
• Outlook for import demand
Mehmet Yildirim, General Director of Mining Affairs, Turkish Republic Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources

The global state of energy markets
• Role of Iraq in global oil markets
• Outlook for coal and the implications of a golden age of natural gas
• Key challenges on the road to energy security and environmental sustainability
Dr. Fatih Birol, Chief Economist, International Energy Agency


Mobilising growth in India’s steel sector
• Strategies for sourcing an extra 50% of coking coal supply in 2012-2013
• Experience of opportunities for capital investment in international assets to secure raw material supply
• Developing sources of coking coal supply from the domestic Indian market
• What are the key challenges to be overcome in order for India to meet ambitious steel production targets?
C S Verma, Chairman, Steel Authority of India Ltd

Entering a new era for Poland’s coal industry
• Outlook for Poland’s coal industry
• Benefits of an IPO for Europe’s largest exporter of hard coal
• How are Poland’s import/ export dynamics changing?
Jerzy Podsiadlo, President and CEO, Węglokoks

Thermal coal from Colombia – Reliability of supply
• Ramping up to 40Mt of production by 2015
• Colombian coal on the international market – Shifting trade flows
• Sustainability – Reliability – Social Responsibility: Core values for Cerrejon
Roberto Junguito, President, Cerrejon

Is America's role as swing supplier a thing of the past?
• Prospects for continued export growth
• Infrastructure constraints and investment
• PRB’s role in the global equation
John W. Eaves, President and Chief Executive Officer, Arch Coal, Inc

Questions and discussion

Networking break and refreshments


The game changer - How is US coal shifting the dynamics of international coal trade?
• What impact is increasing coal supply from the Americas having on the international markets?
• Longevity of US thermal coal exports
• Factors affecting US coal prices and investment opportunities
Matt Schicke, Managing Director, Americas Coal Trading, Mercuria Energy Trading

New scenarios in the power generation sector - Enel's case
• Role of coal in Enel's energy portfolio
• Strategies towards a sustainable energy mix
• Drive towards a decarbonised carbon market by 2050: Opportunities of the efficiency policies
Gianfilippo Mancini, Managing Director of Generation and Energy Management Division, Enel SpA

Germany – Where next for coal?
• Reactionary or inspired – What impact is the decision to close nuclear plants in Germany having on power markets?
• Alternatives to nuclear – Where does coal fit into the mix?
• What is the status of coal-fired power plants in Germany?
• Costs and challenges ahead
Erich Schmitz, Managing Director, Verein der Kohlenimporteure e.V.

Questions and discussion

Networking break and refreshments


Delegates can choose one of the following streams 1600-1745


Outlook for Australia’s coal industry
• Overview of Australia’s coal production and industry demographic
• Challenges that lie ahead for Australia’s coal producers
• How viable is CCS technology in paving the way for a low carbon coal industry?
Nikki Williams, CEO, Australian Coal Association

Mongolia - The new frontier
• How is Mongolia developing as an emerging coal exporter?
• Forging supply chain infrastructure for a landlocked country
• Encouraging investment for large scale mining and logistics projects
• Importance of engaging in social projects around mine site
A Erdenepurev, Director, Department of Fuel Policy, Mongolian Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy

Questions and discussion
Close of Day One


What is the future for emissions trading post 2012 and its implications for coal consumption in Europe?
• To what extent is the climate change agenda taking a back seat to economic challenges?
• What is the outlook for the EU ETS as reduced economic activity leads to surplus emissions allowances (EUAs) – will the EU take action post 2012 to remove surplus EUAs from the market?
• Looking to the future – Can the European system continue to exist on its own or is a global carbon taxation or trading system likely?
Guy Turner, Director, Commodity Market Research, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Prospects for an emission trading system for shipping
• The EU vs IMO
• The role of flag/port states and bunker supply
• Outlook for a greenhouse gas fund for the shipping industry
Rory Gogarty, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan

Questions and discussion
Close of Day One


0700 Registration
0830 Exhibition opens

0900-1300 Dolmabahce Palace & Modern Art Museum

To experience true Istanbul culture, join this tour and visit two of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul, followed by lunch.

CHOICE OF STREAMED SESSIONS: Delegates can choose one of the following streams 0900-1030


Chair: Robert Yuksel Yildirim, CEO and President, Yildirim Group Inc

What opportunities are there for foreign investment in Turkey’s power sector
• Drive to develop Turkey’s domestic lignite reserves – Rationale and incentives
• Timeline and overview of tender process
• Legal and regulatory framework for licensing and investment
Mehmet Bicer, Deputy General Manager, Electricity Generation Co Inc (EÜAS)

ISKEN - Case study for coal-based investment in Turkey's power sector
• An overview of the ISKEN model
• Experience of investment in Turkey's power sector - Overcoming key challenges
• Implementation environmental management
• Efficiency with high availability
Dr. Sirri Uyanik, General Manager, ISKEN

Diversification of Turkey’s coal fuel supply – Where are the opportunities?
• Turkey’s coal import needs – Qualities and quantities required
• Factors affecting sourcing from regional supply areas e.g. Russia, Americas and Africa
• As Turkey is set to add 22 GW of coal fired power generation, where will additional imports be sourced?
Sabri Oral, Odak Solid Fuels, Chief Executive, Founder Member of Board, Coal Importers Association

Coal fired power thermal outlook in Turkey
• Status of current and planned coal-fired power generation projects in the pipeline
• Impact on coal fired project development of a reduced dependence on gas
• Domestic vs imported coal – Flexibility of utilisation in existing power plants
• Improving coal’s image as a sustainable fuel amid Turkey’s increasing environmental pressures
Dr. Ulvi Ilhan, Partner, Jupiter Trading

Questions and discussion
Networking refreshment break


Cross-commodity overview into coal, gas, carbon, and power and oil markets
• How is coal faring in the wider energy mix, on a European and global scale?
• Interplay between fuel of choice and pace of GDP growth
• Role of political drivers in energy market dynamics
Paul Appleby, Head of Energy Economics, BP

Coal in the context of a volatile commodities market
• How are European commodity markets performing in the current environment – Assessing trends and market developments?
• To what extent is coal pricing being affected by volatility in other markets?
• What is influencing commodity trading patterns in the current cycle?
Trevor Sikorski, Director, Head of European Energy Market Research, Barclays Capital

Networking refreshment break

Open Discussion using Audience Response System:


0700 Registration
0830 Exhibition opens

0900-1300 Dolmabahce Palace & Modern Art Museum

To experience true Istanbul culture, join this tour and visit two of the most popular tourist attractions in Istanbul, followed by lunch.

CHOICE OF STREAMED SESSIONS: Delegates can choose one of the following streams 0900-1030

Audience Response System technology in key sessions means that the conference audience can participate in interactive discussion sessions both by texting questions directly to the chairperson or responding to carefully selected audience survey questions. The Delegate Messenger Service, active from three weeks prior to the conference, enables delegates to message fellow attendees and secure an efficient meeting schedule in advance of attendance. For those business cards you fail to catch, this communication service is available for another week beyond the conference.


This popular annual thermal coal session will offer an insight into the very latest events affecting global seaborne thermal coal trade. The panel is represented by key buyers and producers of thermal coal and the session is complimented by Audience Response System technology to offer question and survey contribution from the audience.
Chair: Martin Bloemendal, Director, Energy Edge Ltd.

Are seaborne thermal coal markets poised for tremendous growth?
• A look at influence of Asian economies
• Supply/demand dynamics on a localised scale
• Demographic of marginal and mainstream suppliers
• Implications on value chain of supplier demographic
• Remaining alert to key indicators in supply/demand trends
Andy Roberts, Principal Analyst - International thermal coal, Wood Mackenzie

Thermal coal panel discussion
• Vinay Prakash, Head of Coal and Carbon Credits, Adani Enterprises Ltd
• Jogchum Brinksma, Global commodities, Managing Director, Head of Coal, Citigroup
• Howard Gatiss, CEO, CMC Coal Marketing
• Don Turvey, Chief Executive Officer, Continental Coal Limited
• Andreas Faßhauer, Coal Market Analyst, E.ON Energy Trading
• A Senior Representative, Platts

Networking lunch
Open Discussion using

Audience Response System:


Chair: Guy Campbell, Managing Director Dry Cargo Division, Clarksons

Dry bulk freight market
• Overview of freight rates and cost changes
• Implication of mining taxes on shipping
• Coal freight market outlook
Dr Henriëtte van Niekerk, Director & Head of Dry Bulk Analysis, Clarksons

Quantifying the costs of piracy on the dry bulk market
• Direct costs of piracy – Ransoms, insurance, re-routing, deterrent security equipment, naval forces, prosecutions and deterrence organisations
• Macro-economic costs – Costs to regional trade and reduced foreign revenue
• What is the outlook for the specter of piracy

Freight risk in an environment of high bunker prices, increased counterparty performance risk and low time charter market
Keith Denholm, Sr. Vice President, Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy LLC

1600 – 1730 SESSION 8: COKING COAL

Chair: Neil Bristow, Managing Director, H&W Worldwide Consulting Ltd.

A look at historical responses via the Audience Response System - Did perception translate into reality?
• What can historical coking coal price and production level cycles tell us about the outlook in 2013 and beyond?
• How accurately has market perception predicted coal trends?
Neil Bristow, Managing Director, H&W Worldwide Consulting Ltd

A robust benchmark for the coking coal market
• The path to a liquid, transparent market for coking coal
• The critical role of transparent, comparable physical trade data
• Current state of play
Leon Davies, Market Manager – Coking Coal, globalCOAL

Close of conference