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Agenda Overview

Pre Conference: Sunday, May 14, 2017

4:30PM Pre Conference

16.30-20.30 – Pre-conference registration

Bali International Convention Centre (BICC)

18.30-21.30 – Welcome networking reception

Westin Resort Summer Garden

Day 1: Monday, May 15, 2017

7:45AM Day 1

08.00 – Registration and coffee

09.00 – Opening remarks

Harry Riley-Gould, Managing Director, Coaltrans Conferences


09.05-10.35 SESSION 1

09.05 - Opening address

Ignatius Jonan, Minister for Energy & Mineral Resources


09.30 – What structural changes are shaping Indonesia’s future role in global coal markets?

  • How is the Indonesian mining industry responding to politico-economic trends in domestic coal production and consumption?
  • Role of changing coal quality spread in export basket
  • What does the international market need from Indonesia, and are these expectations realistic?

Rodrigo Echeverri, Head of Energy Coal Analysis, Noble Group


09.50 – Will high thermal coal prices continue into 2018?

  • Coal price forecast Q2-3 2017
  • Supply/demand situation 2017-18
  • Identifying potential threats to a sustained price comeback

Freddie Staermose, Business Development Manager, Biomass & Coal, Argus


10.10 – Questions and discussion


10.25 – Introduction to BSF


10.35 – Networking Refreshment break


11.15-13.00 SESSION 2

Chair: Pandu Sjahrir, Chairman, APBI-ICMA


11.15-11.45 – How is the regulatory framework for mining changing in response to evolving supply/demand scenarios?

  • What is the government looking to achieve with the new mining law?
  • How does the government anticipate concerns from the mining industry regarding cross-sectoral policies from different ministries with implications for mining?

Bambang Gatot, Director-General – Minerals and Coal, Government of Indonesia 

Garibaldi Boy Thohir, CEO, Adaro Energy


11.45-12.30 – When will the 35GW plan be realised?

  • How much coal will Indonesian power require in 2019?
  • Has the government done enough to make power plants development easier?
  • How does the government seek to prioritise coal against gas and renewables in power generation?
  • Are land acquisition problems being overcome?
  • Are fixed prices damaging incentives to develop domestic coal consumption?

M. Arsjad Rasjid P.M, CEO, Indika Energy


12.30-13.00 – Generation DIALOGUE

A selection of leading coal industry figures will take part in an unrestricted interview with Coaltrans in which many of the industry’s pressing and sought-after questions will be answered 

Fuganto Widjaja, CEO, Golden Energy Mines


13.00 – Questions and discussion


13.15 – Networking lunch


14.30-16.00 SESSION 3

14.30 – What changes are we seeing in coal import strategies into India and China?

  • How are quality requirements from the world's largest coal importers changing?
  • Which coal producing regions will benefit most from a change in strategy?
  • Developments in regional coal trade flows 

Clyde Russell, Asia Commodities and Energy Columnist, Thomson Reuters


14.50 – Commercial considerations for investment into Indonesian coal and power projects

  • Key challenges for investment into Indonesian mining and coal-fired power
  • Considerations for balancing export and domestic supply obligations
  • Tax and financial structuring considerations 

Sacha Winzenreid, Lead Advisor - Energy, Utilities & Mining, PwC


15.10 – What strategies are Indonesian miners utilising in response to market uncertainty?

  • What is the capacity for existing mines to ramp up coal production?
  • Will miners reopen shuttered mines?
  • What are the best strategies for balancing supply and demand in a volatile market?
  • Are exports really likely to halve by 2019?
  • What is the current status of medium and low CV coal reserves?

Benjamin Sporton, Chief Executive, World Coal Association

Ronald Sutardja, CEO, Bukit Mandiri Utama 

Bapak Ido Hotna Hutabarat, CEO, Arutmin Indonesia

Ken Crichton, President Director, Thiess Contractors Indonesia

Tonny P. Sastramihardja, CEO, Medco Energi


16.00 – Networking refreshment break


16.30-17.45 SESSION 4

16.30-17.30 – A choice of three private discussion roundtables. Each roundtable discussion will host 10 participants, led by an expert in the relevant field, and will last for one hour. Places offered on a first come, first served basis.

1. How can traders optimize their hedges in a volatile market?

Rodrigo Echeverri, Head of Energy Coal Analysis, Noble Group

2. Environmental best practice for coal-fired power projects in Indonesia

Teguh Setiawan, President Director, Bekasi Power

3. What impact will the process of minimizing overlapping concessions have on coal output?

Sri Rahardjo, Director of Mineral and Coal Program, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources

4. Will proposals to limit port export licenses go ahead?

Ir. Agung Pribadi, Director of Coal Business Enterprises, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources

16.30 – How much thermal coal will new power plants absorb from the export market?

  • Supply/demand and pricing implications of growing domestic coal demand
  • How much power capacity will be coming online over the next two years?
  • To what extent will new power capacity consist of mine mouth projects?

Adrian Lembong, Deputy CEO, Adaro Power


16.50 - Can Australian mines make up for diminishing Indonesian exports?

  • Existing Australian reserves
  • To what extent can Australian miners ramp up production in the current market?
  • Is now the time to invest in Australian mines?

Nicke Widyawati, Director, PLN

Y. BHG Datuk Seri Ir. Azman Mohd, Chairman, TNBF


17.30 – Questions and discussion


17.45 – Close of Day 1


18.00 – Evening beach reception

Day 2: Tuesday, May 16, 2017

9:00AM Day 2

09.00 – Registration and coffee

09.05 – Opening remarks

Holly Watson-Steward, Head of Sponsorship & Exhibition Sales, Coaltrans Conferences


09.00-10.30 SESSION 5

09.05-10.00 – Where are the opportunities for IPP investment in Indonesia?

  • What IPP and mine mouth projects are currently being developed?
  • What is the best funding structure for Indonesian power projects?
  • How have successful IPPs been developed in Indonesia?

Heru Dewanto, President Director, Cirebon Electric Power

Arthur Simatupang, Executive Chairman, Independent Power Producers Association of Indonesia

Hilda Savitri, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer, Indonesia Infrastructure Finance 

Thomas Lembong, Chairman, Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)

Dharma Djojonegoro, Deputy CEO, Adaro Power

10.00-10.20 – Evolution of north-east Asia and emerging markets

  • How is buying evolving in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan?
  • Will emerging markets like Vietnam and the Philippines boost demand for thermal coal?

Deepak Kannan, Managing Editor - Thermal Coal, Platts

10.20 – Questions and discussion


10.30 – Networking refreshment break 


11.00-12.30 SESSION 6

11.00 – Regional spotlight China

  • What is the ideal coal price range for the Chinese government?
  • How much coal will China be looking to import in 2017?
  • Are Chinese mines likely to see further output restrictions?

Jason Ping, Head of Trading, China Coal Solutions­


11.20 – Regional spotlight Taiwan

  • Underlying fundamentals of Taiwanese coal demand
  • What quantities of coal will Taiwan be looking to import in the next 6months-1year?
  • Coal quality specifications for Taiwanese power plants

Samson Lee, Deputy Director – Fuels, Taipower


11.40 – Regional spotlight India

  • How much Indonesian coal will India continue to import 2017-18?
  • Does Indonesian coal face competition from South Africa?
  • Demand consequences of improving Indian coal evacuation infrastructure

Prashant K Goyal, Head – Coal Procurement, OPG Power


12.00 – Regional spotlight Korea

  • How has the thermal coal price rally impacted procurement strategies?
  • Quality and price considerations of South Korean importers
  • Understanding South Korean demand dynamics

Kim Shinyoung, Consultant/Professor, Korean Southern Power Co Ltd


12.20 – Questions and discussion

12.30 – Networking lunch


14.00-15.00 SESSION 7

14.00 – What role will US/Colombian miners play in the Asian market?

  • ‘Asian push’ – reactive or proactive strategy?
  • How will Colombian coal impact the Asian supply/demand balance?
  • Will US coal ever come back as an important player?

Howard Gatiss, CEO, CMC Coal Marketing


14.20 – How are domestic nickel smelters impacting coal exports?

  • Projected coal demand from nickel smelters in Q2-Q3 2017
  • Coal quality specifications for nickel smelting
  • At what rate is the domestic nickel smelting industry likely to continue growing?

Alexander Barus, CEO, Tsinshang Bintangdelapan


15.40 – Questions and discussion


15.00 – Close of conference