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Interview with Charles Zeynel, President, ZAG International

Charles talks to Ashtrans about development in cross ocean by-product transportation, the necessity of IMO regulations, and which products will see the most development in the near future.

You can hear more from Charles at Ashtrans Europe, taking place in Barcelona on 26 – 27 October 2017.

Ashtrans Europe (AE):
Based on your experience how do you see the development in cross ocean by-product transports?

Charles Zeynel (CZ): Since 2001, the cross ocean transport of slags has increased from about 2 million MT annually to well over 20 million MT.  This growth will continue at a lesser rate only because of the limited supply of these materials.  On the CCP side, given that coals ashes are more challenging to handle and require much more specialized equipment and facilities, the growth in ocean transport has been considerably less.  However, there are now serious investments being made to allow more long distance shipments and we expect to see significant increases in CCPs being transported across the oceans.

AE: Do you find the IMO recommendation/requirements for bulk handling relevant and necessary?

CZ: IMO regulations are relevant and necessary as they pertain to the proper handling, loading and distribution of solid bulk materials in cargo ships to ensure the cargos are properly loaded and the correct weight distribution is calculated to allow safe sailing. Another example is when transporting fly ash, the moisture content is very important as excessive water in the holds could create a dangerous safety situation.

AE: From your point of view for what product categories do you see a market development in the near future?

CZ: The major products today and in the future for ocean transport are, GBFS, GGBFS, Conditioned Ash, Bottom Ash, Dry (Concrete Ash and FGD)

Finally, you’re speaking at Ashtrans Europe in October. What are you most looking forward to hearing about? 

CZ: I am looking forward to learning the latest developments in the European arena and especially to exchanging ideas and information with the many experts from various countries and segments of the industry.  I am also hopeful to find that others are also realizing the valuable contributions and benefits of CCPs to helping make high performance and environmentally beneficial products.


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