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Interview: Heru Dewanto, President Director, Cirebon Power

Heru talks to Coaltrans about Indonesia’s 35GW power plan, how much coal demand we will see from the Indonesian power sector through 2020 and what kinds of coal qualities Indonesian power generators require.

Coaltrans Conferences (CC): Please can you introduce yourself, your company, and your role?

Heru Dewanto (HD): Heru Dewanto, President Director of Cirebon Power, an IPP company operating Supercritical coal fired power plant 660 MW and now constructing its expansion unit of 1000MW with Ultra Supercritical technology. The expansion unit is the first project who signed PPA among 35GW projects list.

Indonesia has been pressing ahead with the 35GW power plan. What progress is being made? How does coal factor into all this?

HD: Progress of 35 GW program is the progress of Cirebon Power being the first to sign PPA.
Currently coal is not holding the progress of the program back, especially for first batch projects. However, under current or previous coal price level, coal may become issue in near future projects. 

What are the primary obstacles holding the 35GW plan back?

HD: Harmonisation among sectoral regulation and government officers’ attitude toward private sector.

How much coal demand do you think we will see from the Indonesian power sector through 2020?

HD: In the range of 175-185 million tonnes in 2020.

Is coal demand from the domestic power sector likely to unbalance Indonesia’s coal exports?

HD: Yes.

CC: What kinds of coal qualities do Indonesian power generators require?

HD: 4000-4500 CV

CC: Finally, you’re speaking at Coaltrans Asia in May. What are you most looking forward to hearing about?

HD: Solutions for financing coal fired power plant as this is getting more challenging.

You can hear more from Heru at the 23rd Coaltrans Asia in Bali on 14 - 16 May 2017, where he will be taking part in a panel discussion on 'Where are the opportunities for IPP investment in Indonesia?'

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