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Coaltrans USA Hall of Fame: George Di Sante

Logistec VP George Di Sante discusses methods of handling coal in an environmentally conscious way

Ahead of the event, we’ll hear from businesses on how the industry has changed -- and why Coaltrans USA is an important part of their year.

Coaltrans Conferences: How has the coal industry in the USA changed since you started your career? 

George Di Sante: Because we are involved in the proper and efficient unloading of coal from large, ocean-going vessels, we have noticed a greater emphasis on the methods of handling coal, as well as proper storage. Our clients are as environmentally conscious as we are, and we use tighter controls and up-to-date monitoring equipment to benchmark our operations. In Sydney, self-unloading vessels place coal or petroleum coke into a piece of equipment known as a ‘hopper’, which funnels it into a hooded conveyer system. As coal travels from ship to truck or railcar, there are windscreens, fog nozzles, and a foam dust suppression system in place to ensure that our operations are as clean as possible. Storage piles are ringed with a series of computer-controlled spray systems, and water run-off is carefully managed in settling ponds.

Coaltrans Conferences: What kinds of solutions does your business offer?

George Di Sante: We pride ourselves on customer service, and work closely with our clients to develop cargo handling solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. We are also attentive to the latest environmental requirements and technological advances available. In the case of Nova Scotia Power, Logistec integrated a short-line rail service in addition to stevedoring so that coal is transferred safely and effectively from port to power station.

Coaltrans Conferences: What kinds of partnerships are important to you and your business?

George Di Sante: We strive to find business partners who share our values, long-term perspective, and commitment to sustainable development. In addition to our clients, we work with community representatives, local suppliers, labour relations groups, and other stakeholders so that our terminals are a valuable part of the supply chain for coal, petcoke, and other commodities.

Coaltrans Conferences: How would you describe your experience at Coaltrans USA to someone who hasn’t attended? 

George Di Sante: Through its series of quality guest speakers, the conference has always provided a good indication of where coal markets are headed, who the players are, and the main issues and challenges facing the industry, which helps service providers like Logistec meet customer needs. Also, the networking opportunities have allowed me to meet a number of key decision makers in one convenient setting. It’s an effective way to do business.

How do you think the US coal industry changed over the last 15 years? Tell us via Twitter or via our discussion on LinkedIn.

The Coaltrans USA Hall of Fame honours people and businesses who have attended the last five consecutive events. Join Kenneth Kisko and other Coaltrans USA Hall of Fame inductees at Coaltrans USA in Miami on February 5 and 6, 2015.

This content is provided by Coaltrans Conferences for informational purposes only, and it reflects the market and industry conditions and presenter’s opinions and affiliations available at the time of the presentation.

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