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Agenda Overview

Day One: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

8:30AM Registration
9:00AM Welcome Remarks
9:10AM Long term price outlook: what can we expect for 2017 and beyond?
  • Price volatility – what can be done to recalibrate?
  • What will drive a price recovery and when?
  • Will we see any sustainability in price in the short term?
  • How long are price impacts of Cyclone Debbie set to last?
Chris Newman, Editor Of Argus Steel Feedstocks Report, Argus Media
9:30AM Coking coal supply and demand – recent movements and trends


  • Long-term trend in coke production around the world
  • How can the market absorb the oversupply?
  • World trade patterns in coking coal
  • Pricing methodologies: indices versus traditional


Andrew Jones, Director, Resource-Net
9:50AM Macroeconomic view: analysis of key market influencers
  • Economic analysis of India and China and their impact on steel market demand
  • Future outlook for the USA: what can we expect?
  • How is the industrial recovery in Europe impacting steel demand
  • Growth in steel demand in South East Asia and the Middle East and its impacts
  • Will sub-Saharan African growth influence markets in the next 5 years?
Ian Roper, Global Commodity Strategist, Macquarie
10:20AM Morning Networking Break
11:00AM Key player spotlight: The latest from India – is the exponential growth sustainable?
  • Analysis of India as a long term global coal market driver
  • New government rules on anti-dumping – how much Chinese coal will be allowed?
  • What is driving the growth in demand for PCI in India?
  • Impact of high prices on Indian demand
Jitendra Nanda, Vice President - Raw Materials, Essar Steel Limited
11:20AM Key player spotlight: What is on the horizon for met coal in China?
  • Chinese coking coal pricing trends
  • What will be the pricing impact of China’s relaxation of working hours restriction
  • Is domestic coking coal cost setting a benchmark for the imported coking coal price?
  • What is driving infrastructure in China?
  • Is China depleting its high quality coking coal reserves?
Nigel Han, Trader, Mechel Carbon AG Singapore Branch
11:50AM Is Australia the be all and end all of global coking coal market?
  • Coal quality and cost competitiveness
  • Impact of weather events on supply-demand balance and prices
  • Supply diversification options for steel mills
Prakash Sharma, Research Director, Wood Mackenzie Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
12:20PM Networking Lunch
1:50PM Panel Discussion: The future of the anthracite market
  • Russian dominance: can it be maintained? How does it impact the trade balance?
  • Where will anthracite be needed?
  • Met coal pricing impact on anthracite
  • Recent innovations in anthracite’s application
  • New environmental benefits for anthracite
2:30PM Latest developments in the seaborne coke market
  • What are the world trade volumes in seaborne coke?
  • Will China/Japan stop exporting coke?
  • Will the market changes force some countries like Egypt to build new coke ovens and start to import coking coal?
Ajay Mishra, Executive Director Global Head of Metallurgical Coal & Coke, Noble Resources International Pte Ltd
3:10PM New coking coal projects in the pipeline
  • Who are the new players in the market?
  • Reopening of existing mines and pricing implications
  • New greenfield projects update
  • Significance of recent price stimulus and renewed investor confidence – what can we expect?
  • Impact of the latest buy-outs and the potential for brownfield development
Gary Cochrane, Managing Director, Resource Management International Pty Ltd
3:30PM Afternoon Networking Break
4:00PM Emerging markets case study – Vietnam: from exporter to importer of coking
  • Key drivers for change and future predictions
  • Will this trend be sustainable in light of a decrease in prices worldwide?
  • The new master development plan for 2020
Don Nguyen, General Manager, Welhunt Vietnam Company Limited
4:20PM End User panel discussion
  • Will we always have these intense periods of volatility in the coking coal market?
  • Is this volatility inevitable given the geography of supply and what can be done to help mills cope?
  • How sustainable is the pricing system of the coking coal market?
  • Can the efforts to create a more mature coking coal market in terms of pricing be viewed as a failure?
  • Is this semi-mature market (index-linked pricing without sufficiently liquid derivative) a problem for mills?
Peter Hannah, Senior Analyst, Metal Bulletin Index
Ramchandra Rao Madiraju, Manager, Tata Steel
4:50PM Closing Remarks
5:00PM Drinks Reception

Day Two: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

9:30AM Opening Remarks
9:40AM The development of international coking coal derivatives
  • Changes in physical pricing structures – moving away from benchmarks
  • Indexation and hedging requirements as the market transitions
  • The coking coal derivatives market today – volumes and participation
  • Future developments
Cheong Jin Yu, Director - Asia Commodities, Singapore Exchange (SGX)
10:10AM Challenges in attempting to price anthracite
  • How to suitably value anthracite?
  • Is it possible to index-link the price of anthracite to that of met coal?
  • Comparing price negotiations when selling domestically
  • Have any suitable benchmarking formulae been created?
Filippo Faralla, Marketing Consultant, Acacia Coal
10:30AM Morning Networking Break
11:10AM Panel Discussion: Emerging metcoal markets and their impact on supply-demand
  • Impact of Egypt’s recent major growth phase
  • Potential for new export markets: South America’s inroads in supplying anthracite to global markets
  • Growth in South East Asia and their subsequent challenges
  • Quantity and quality from Indonesia
Keith Whitchurch, President Director, SMG Consultants
Otacilio Peçanha Filho, Director, Negotiare Consultores
11:50AM Petcoke: Uses, Benefits, Opportunities
12:10PM Networking Lunch and Close of Conference